Gerotto Federico new member of EWJI

Published 10/5, 2021 at 11:20

Gerotto Federico is active throughout Italy in the sale and rental of suction excavators and mini robot excavators.

Reliability and experience are the main characteristics that have seen the company become the only distributor in Italy for the suction excavators made by the German company RSP GmbH, and the first company in Italy to use the technology. Since 1998, Gerotto has encouraged the proliferation of these innovative machines, which provide considerable advantages compared to traditional techniques, and are often required for competitive public tenders.

Development and innovation are assured by several decades of experience gained in the field of suction excavator applications. For this reason, Gerotto developed the mini excavators and small robots that work as tools during aspiration works, digging and reclaiming operations. They work especially well in confined spaces and dangerous environments, for example in mines, refineries and industrial plants. The production of mini excavators projected the company on to the international market, leading it to important collaborations with European, Asian and American companies, and creating a large network of distributors worldwide.

Gerotto Federico is specialised not only in production, but also in operations, combining mini excavators with suction excavators, industrial aspirators and vacuum trucks. Gerotto's mini excavators, in fact, are highly versatile and can be combined with suction machines of any kind. In addition, Gerotto has designed a complete range of explosion proof products (with ATEX certification) to work safely in explosion risk areas.

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