GSSI showcases its leading GPR systems at Conexpo/Conagg

Published 21/4 at 13:28

GSSI, the leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, exhibited it latest developments for the transportation market and systems for the utility and concrete markets at the Las Vegas show in March. These included ‘PaveScan RDM 2.0’, ‘StructureScan Mini XT’ and ‘UtilityScan’.

GSSI’s PaveScan RDM 2.0, an asphalt density assessment tool, provides accurate real time measurements to ensure pavement life and quality. PaveScan 2.0 incorporates a new sensor design built specifically for the extremes of the asphalt paving environment, foldable deployment arms with high visibility for work site safety and has a warm up time of under one minute. PaveScan RDM is ideal for uncovering problems that occur during the paving process, including poor uniformity and significant variations in density. By avoiding these problems, PaveScan RDM helps avoid such premature failures as road raveling, cracking, and deterioration along joints. 

Visitors to the GSSI booth at Conexpo/Conagg were also able to see the StructureScan Mini XT ‘all in one’ concrete inspection GPR system. This is ideal for locating rebar, conduits, post tension cables and voids. It can help identify structural elements, including pan decking and concrete cover whilst also providing real time determination of concrete slab thickness. Along with the Mini XT, the ‘Palm XT Antenna’ was at the show. This is a miniaturised GPR antenna that is designed to greatly enhance the capabilities of the StructureScan Mini XT. The handheld Palm XT antenna turns a basic Mini XT into an advanced system by giving users unparalleled access in tightly spaced areas and enabling overhead scanning. 

For the utility market, GSSI displayed the UtilityScan. This GPR system is compact in size making it extremely portable and easy to manoeuvre in tight survey areas. With a robust new wireless antenna that can handle required data rates, UtilityScan is ruggedly built to withstand challenging field conditions. The electrical design uses GSSI’s patented ‘HyperStacking’ technology, which has proven to increase depth penetration in challenging soils, whilst also providing high near surface data resolution. UtilityScan has a backup Ethernet connection if Wi-Fi is not allowed or desired on site.

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