Guarda’s Edge power cutter offers fume, dust and slurry control

Published 4/3 at 11:46

The Australian manufacturer Guarda releases the new Edge power cutter with tri-vac technology. The model is suited for wet cutting applications and offers vacuum for fume, dust and slurry control.

Guarda’s new Edge power cutter with tri-vac technology offers silica dust control via a combination of water delivered to the blade guard and vacuum suction. The removal of harmful fumes such as carbon monoxide is performed via vacuum suction and a hose attachment to the muffler. The slurry control is then performed via vacuum suction to the blade guard. Fumes, dust and slurry are moved down the same hose, away from the cutting operations.

The Edge power cutter’s tri-vac technology consists of a water jacket located around the exhaust ports for cooling the engine exhaust before it enters the vacuum tube. The tube is cool to touch during operation. The same water is used on the blade guard. The fumes,

dust and slurry mixture are moved away from the cutting area via attached wet vacuum. Water is sprayed onto the blade close to the center, in a forward direction to prevent spray back. The peripheral forces of the blade take it right to the cutting edge. Water is sprayed into the blade guard, towards the rear, to prevent spray back. This water mixes further with the dust and slurry already created to make a more fluid waste, preventing clogging. The peripheral forces of the blade automatically force the cutting debris (slurry) into the throat of the blade guard where there is vacuum suction to draw the debris upwards.

The Edge power cutter is quick and easy to set up, according to Guarda, and is suited for general purpose concrete cutting, especially indoors or in enclosed spaces where fumes, dust and slurry are an additional hazard. The model is suitable for 380mm blades with 150mm cutting depth, and also features a cylinder volume of 93.6cm3, 1l fuel capacity and Walbro carburetor. The power cutter must be used with a suitable wet vacuum system and water supply turned on as outlined in the operating procedures. Vacuum must always be placed outside to exhaust fumes. The model complies with US & EU5 emission standards (as fitted).

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