Hammer reshapes it brand and updates its technology

Published 2/12, 2020 at 15:07

The history of Hammer srl. is 40 years of evolving skills that have transformed it from a family business into a large global player. Now in 2020, the need to develop new business has translated into the creation of a new brand.

New logo, brand guidelines and technology

A new logo has been created to represent the physicality  of the product with a design that balances modernity, simplicity and impressiveness. In addition, the use of new graphics has redefined the boundaries of a brand that is increasingly projected towards recognisability. The brand and new technology is aimed at demonstrating efficient performance capable of reducing working time on site. For this reason Hammer’s research team has looked at new perspectives in order to raise its product  standards. This has seen its ‘SB’ and ‘FX’ series of hydraulic breakers provide powerful components that withstand ever higher levels of stress, especially in difficult situations. High performing alloy steels and the best heat treatment techniques have been used for the production of these lines.  The quality and types of materials have been designed to create the correct relationship between speed and pressure variables providing long levels of durability.


High standards and performance

The SB and FX series are designed to operate with nitrogen to provide high power distribution over a greater number of blow/min, thus resisting high counter pressures up to 25bar. Moreover, the hammer used is structured in a very compact way to reduce stress on the excavator arm and ensure the longer life of the attachment and its components. Another important feature of the breakers is their adaptability: they can work on any type of excavator and on any hydraulic system, even high back pressure. Last but not least, special polyurethane shock absorbers are used that absorb vibrations and protect the excavator arm and workers in the field by reducing noise emissions in accordance with Directive 2000/14 / EC. The SB series mono bloc hydraulic breakers without membrane and tie rods comprise of eight models suitable for mini excavators, mini loaders, backhoes, demolition robots. The FX series hydraulic breakers consists of 14 models suitable for medium and large tracked and wheeled excavators.


Smart demolition

Hammer demolition grapples are seen by the company as a new milestone for the business in recycling and demolition. The new GR series multi-purpose grapple has nine models for excavators with an operating weight from 1.5t to 80t for high levels of performance in handling, recycling and small scale demolition. The features of the demolition grapples include exchangeable wear plates,  robust and fully integrated rotation, built in relief valve, a completely protected cylinder (prevents debris entering during demolition), high quality wear blades and three different types of jaws depending on operation (only standard jaws are available from GR200 to GR600).

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