Here, the saw is the law!

Published 28/6 at 13:22

As the most technology intensive kind of concrete cutting machinery, wall and wire sawing systems set out the path for the entire industry to follow. This year bauma, the world’s biggest construction show, provided a perfect showcase for new solutions in the concrete sawing sector. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin reports.

A storageful of wire sawing innovations from Plattner

Based in Schwaz, Austria, Plattner GesmbH is a family owned manufacturing company that boasts an impressive 25 year track record in wire sawing. As per the time honoured tradition of all manufacturers worth their salt, the first prototypes of Plattner wire saws were designed and built by the founder Josef Plattner in his family house’s garage. A few years later, Josef’s inventions attracted the attention of Hilti that at the time was looking to get into the wire sawing business. In 1998, a long term successful partnership between the two companies began which continues to this day. Following the tragic and untimely death of Josef Plattner in 2012, his five children - David, Felix, Florian, Erika and Andrea – stepped in to pick up the mantle. 

One of the most recent and ingenious solutions from Plattner is the DSW-PCD-1500 system designed for sawing of pipes and tubes with a diameter of up to 3m. The system allows the operator to control the contact angle of the wire during the cutting process without stopping the machine. Thanks to the modular and lightweight design, the machine is easy to set up and transport. Also new from Plattner is the mobile wire storage unit DSW-SW25. Boasting a storage capacity of 25m, it allows cutting large slabs without shortening the wire, or moving the machine away from the cut. For dry wire sawing applications, the storage unit can be equipped with a cooling system that reduces the wire temperature by up to 20°C. Last but not least is the modular portal wire saw PWSS-3000. Wire saw portals are known to be bulky and difficult to move around, which is not the case with the modular PWSS-3000. Designed to cut objects of up to 3m x 3m, the system, which is driven by a standard Hilti wire saw, can be disassembled into several smaller components that easily fit into a small carrier. 


Cuttronix: an up and coming player from Estonia 

Concrete sawing is a tight knit community, so every new player, particularly from a country as small as Estonia, causes a sensation. Kaskod-Mtronix OÜ manufactures and markets concrete cutting and drilling machinery under the brand name ‘Cuttronix’ made its global debut at bauma this year, where the Estonian company exhibited its products in hall A1 alongside the industry’s heavyweights. The show was reported to be a big success for the rookie manufacturer, with visitors from over 40 countries beating their path to Kaskod’s booth. Based on the in house developed ‘ISRCdrive’ motor technology, the Cuttronix wire saw CM-10AF-W200 is a compact, flexible price optimized system designed for use in confined spaces and limited access areas. The machine is capable of cutting at any angle, and is also suitable for underwater operations. Thanks to an automatic cutting force control, the saw maintains constant pulling force on the diamond wire. Wire sawing is performed from a safe distance using a wireless remote control. 


B+BTec keep cutting into the wire sawing market 

First unveiled last year, the electric wire saw CS17-E from Netherlands based B+BTec is getting traction with professional concrete cutters. One of the most recent case studies involved the CS17-E cutting the 7.2m x 0.75m concrete slabs at a metro track in Holland to allow for new construction. Designed for large scale demolition projects such as dismantling of bridges, chimneys and foundations, the machine has a rated power of 17kW (22kW at peak) providing a wire speed of up to 24m/sec. The CS17-E is equipped with a heavy duty water cooled dual action motor that delivers a high yet smooth torque. Weighing in at 355kg, the wire saw measures 1,500mm x 860mm x 880mm (L x W x H) with a wire storage capacity of 7.5m. The machine’s body and control panel are made of stainless steel for extra ruggedness, reliability and ease of maintenance. 


Eurodima is back 

on track with new servomotor technology 

Following a few years’ hiatus, Austria based Eurodima is back on the global market with its new servomotor technology for wall and wire sawing systems. Debuted at bauma, the company’s latest wall saw comes in two versions: one designed to operate with the standard Eurodima rail and the other with the Hilti rail. Weighing in at a mere 10kg, the motor relays 20kW of servo power to the blade with no after cooling needed. The machine accommodates diamond blades of up to 1,600mm in diameter, providing a maximum cutting depth of 725mm. A special flange for flush cutting can be installed on the motor’s side. 

The wall saw comes equipped with a wireless control unit as standard. Thanks to a number of new features aimed at reducing the wear and tear, the machine requires little maintenance (service intervals are every 250h). Also new from Eurodima is a wire sawing system, which, according to the Austrian manufacturer, is the only model on the market featuring servomotor technology. Due to the modular construction, the system can easily switch between the wire and wall cutting applications. A two speed gearbox generates high torque even at low speeds, and allows for a wide range of wire sawing tasks. A pneumatic wire tensioning system protects the diamond wire, while a lightweight and compact control unit ensures reliable operation. 


Tyrolit expands wall and wire sawing ranges 

 The brand new WSE1621 wall saw from the Austrian-Swiss trailblazer is an all-rounder allowing users to perform virtually any concrete cutting task. Accommodating blades of up to 1,600mm in diameter, this electric powered model delivers a maximum cutting depth of 705mm. All components have been redesigned to ensure an optimal weight to performance ratio. The saw head and the ultra-compact motor features a quick release clamp only weighing some 35kg. The control unit, which boasts a state of the art interface, completes the new system. In the field of wire sawing, the latest innovation from Tyrolit is the universal WCU17 model that works with both electric and hydraulic drives. Consisting of only three main components, the machine can be set up within the matter of minutes. Redesigned wire storage enables cutting concrete structures measuring up to 12.6m, with a multiple pulley drive ensuring a smooth start for the system. Another highlight of the new system is its modularity, which ensures full compatibility with Tyrolit’s existing electric and hydraulic models. 

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