Here we go again: industry ‘Think Tank’ 16 October

Published 16/9, 2019 at 14:16

Words from the EDA President: When we work together and share our expertise and knowledge, we all grow.

When we work together and share our expertise and knowledge, we all grow. This is the philosophy of the ‘Think Tanks’ we have been organising since 2014.  Our industry is constantly changing and growing, with deconstruction activities developing, waste materials being reused as construction products and being transformed into new resources. With these and many other factors constantly changing means that we have to be constantly one step ahead. 

After the good experience we had last year with the ‘Think Tank’ organised jointly with CECE, this year we come back again with an edition focused on the future which aims to analyse trends and challenges in demolition.  This will be held on 16 October, and I look forward to welcoming all interested parties to Brussels for the fourth ‘Think Tank’, titled: 'Equipment for demolition: trends & challenges'. Collaborating with CECE once again allows the debates and talks to be more productive, bringing a professional vision of the construction sector. As a highly regarded organisation representing and promoting the European construction equipment industries, the CECE’s contribution is essential in order to make any dialogue more constructive. 

The most rewarding aspect of the format of the ‘Think Tank’ is that attendees can exchange their opinions and experiences, which makes the activity very useful in order to get a global view of movements in the demolition industry. If you have been to one of our events in the past, you will know that time is set aside for informal networking, facilitating the exchange of experiences and ideas. It is has been found that by dealing with issues both formally and informally, person to person,  we can share first-hand knowledge about problems, solutions and successful experiences they have had. This work, which is done in the workshop and outside it, is what moves the industry forward. 


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