High capacity and great flexibility make the difference

Published 29/6 at 16:58

Demolition projects in urban environments are a challenge in themselves. If the resulting rubble additionally has to be processed on site, the crushing and screening equipment has to meet the highest standards, especially in terms of noise and dust emissions.

This was the case on a job in Göppingen. In the southern German town, home of Kleemann brand headquarters, CK Abbruch & Erdbau GmbH deployed a mobile MOBIREX MR 130 Z EVO2 impact crushing plant to crush rubble from a demolished department store with a multi-storey car park and separate it into classified grain sizes while keeping dust levels to an absolute minimum. On this typical urban job, the Kleemann crushing plant impressed users above all with its flexibility. Markus Christadler, Managing Director of CK Abbruch & Erdbau GmbH, explains why it is an advantage for demolition companies.  


About CK Abbruch & Erdbau GmbH

Established in 2003, CK Abbruch & Erdbau GmbH engages primarily in demolition and earthworks. The team headed by Managing Director Markus Christadler has acquired high-level competence particularly in processing rubble. The company today processes some 250,000t of recycled feed material annually. Use of the innovative Kleemann crushing plant illustrates the changes taking place in the industry: a wrecking ball used to be the classic symbol of demolition companies, but environmental policies have long since changed the framework conditions for this work. Today, different types of building materials have to be recycled separately, which calls for the use of precise and efficient equipment.


Mr Christadler, what kind of work do CK Abbruch do and which Kleemann machines do you use? 

We are primarily active in building demolition, including waste recycling and earthworks. Most of the time we handle these tasks for our own construction projects, but we also get hired on job sites as a contract demolition company. As such we are frequently involved in demolishing residential and industrial buildings. Recently, we were hired to take down a shopping centre with multi-storey car park in central Göppingen and to process the material on site. In applications of this kind, we use our mobile MOBIREX MR 130 Z EVO2 impact crushing plant. With its very high output, this plant has always done an impressive job, despite often having to operate on difficult job sites and process a wide range of material. Our fleet also includes a mobile MOBISCREEN MS 13 Z screening plant, which is mostly used to screen rubble and soil.


Do you modify the Kleemann plants for different jobs?

Yes we do. For example, we always adapt the rotor ledges on our MR 130 Z EVO2 impact crusher. We have a rotor ledge set for hard material like concrete rubble and natural stone, and another for soft material like asphalt. But since we usually feed the plant with hard stone, we actually don’t have to change sets very often. Together with our contact at the Wirtgen Group sales and service company in Augsburg, we have set up a schedule for the provision of wearing parts, so we are automatically supplied every three months with new rotor ledges for our MOBIREX impact crushing plant. And if we occasionally see more extensive wear, they get the corresponding spare part to us right away. In addition, our employee who operates the plant always keeps a set of rotor ledges and the most important wearing parts on hand at every construction site.


How often does your MR 130 Z EVO2 change operation sites?

That naturally varies greatly and depends on the volume of material to be processed. I would say it changes sites up to 20 times a year on average, meaning of course that easy transport is very important to us. 


What are the greatest challenges you face on a daily basis as a demolition company? 

Quality is the deciding factor in processing the material. It is very important to deliver a perfect product to customers, because we – and by that I mean the entire mineral-based rubble recycling industry – compete with natural products like crushed stone and gravel. In other words, our final product has to be processed to be as cubic and as accurately classified by grain size as possible. Another challenge is the obstacles that still exist to on-site processing. For example, some municipalities have regulations that strictly forbid processing within town limits. Some developers don’t allow processing in urban areas at all in their invitations to tender. In such cases, the material has to be hauled to a recycling yard for processing, requiring additional transport. However, the most ecological and economical alternative is to process the material on site. 


How do local residents react to Kleemann’s crusher equipment in their neighbourhood?

We get some resistance from local residents at first. They’re afraid of the noise and the dust. But once we get started, we very frequently hear that the crushing activity did not bother people at all and was much quieter than expected. Often, the noise of the excavators and lorries travelling back and forth is much more of a nuisance. And we really have dust under control thanks to the spray system integrated in the crushing plants.


Why do you have a Kleemann MOBIREX 130 Z EVO2 impact crushing plant in your fleet of machines? What are the advantages of an impact crusher in your opinion? 

Apart from the quality requirements I mentioned before – the keyword here being a cubic final product – we also attach great importance to efficiency. Every drop of fuel and every kilowatt of electricity counts in our work, because these savings add up over every hour of operation. This is a very important point in favour of Kleemann in general, and of the MR 130 Z EVO2 in particular. My team and I also see safety as a top priority. Systems such as the Lock & Turn, with its key transfer system, are a real improvement in safety and they make sure our employees can return home safe and sound after a day at work. 


What do your employees like most about the MOBIREX 130 Z EVO2 plant?

What my guys are truly thrilled about is the SPECTIVE control system. It is very intuitive and simple to operate. That’s what I hear over and over. It’s also incredibly practical that operating statuses like fuel level are so easy to check. From the standpoint of cost-efficiency, I like the high productivity combined with low fuel consumption and the short set-up times associated with SPECTIVE. And there is one more technical detail that workers always praise: the air classifier. We used to do the final sorting of crushed material by hand. Now the air classifier handles most of that job by separating oversized grain from lightweight foreign material with a blower. That increases quality and saves time.


Is the MOBIREX 130 Z EVO2 impact crushing plant suitable for all your demolition applications? 

Basically yes. But it is a bit oversized sometimes. For example, we recently had to process rubble from a hotel in an inaccessible area right in a town centre. Thanks to our good relationship with Wirtgen Augsburg, we were quickly provided with a plant that was better suited to the job, in this case the mobile MOBICAT MC 110 Z EVO jaw crusher. It’s smaller, more compact and was more than adequate for the job.  


What do you appreciate most about Kleemann equipment and your collaboration with the Wirtgen Group? 

The spirit of partnership more than anything! You can really sense their willingness to make anything possible. The plants are perfectly tailored to meet all requirements and deliver an impressive performance. The MOBIREX MR 130 Z EVO2 was originally a demonstration machine presented to us by our contact at Wirtgen Augsburg. We were so impressed with it that we kept it! Even subsequent requests we had were handled smoothly. They really deliver on their pledge: “close to our customers”.

Impressive mobility

The MOBIREX 130 Z EVO2 series boasts high mobility: the track-mounted impact crushing plants can easily be transported on low-bed trailers thanks to their compact design, and set up again for operation in a few minutes. With the integrated secondary screening unit – with double-deck screen in the case of the MR 130 Z EVO2 – an additional screening plant can be eliminated on a lot of jobs. That makes positioning the plants easy, even when faced with tight space constraints, and saves time and transport costs, too. 


Award-winning Lock & Turn safety system

Users are exposed to some risk when changing the rotor ledges or clearing material blockages on an impact crusher because of the machine’s typical design. With its award-winning Lock & Turn safety system, Kleemann have made it safe to perform such tasks on the MR 130 Z EVO2 impact crushers, even in the immediate vicinity of the rotor, by implementing an innovative key transfer system combined with a lock and turn device for safely positioning the exposed rotor.

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