High speed innovation at bauma from Cedima

Published 7/3 at 16:27

Cedima GmbH will present a selection of products in Hall A1 at bauma 2019 under the slogan of ‘high speed innovation’. This will include the company’s expanded range of joint cutters based on new engine and exhaust technologies.

New joint cutters

With the launch of the CF 6030, Cedima has developed a powerful joint cutter in the 100HP range. Two engines for the same platform are available, an 82kW and 100kW, together with a new suction plant that can be used for both of Cedima’s CF 6021 and CF 6030 variants. The company’s range of large and medium size floor cutters has been supplemented by the new CF 4030, which represents an important development as the replacement to the current CF 3002, with increased output of 41kW. With the option of using a 45kW petrol engine, the CF 4030 is also available as a powerful retrofittable green concrete machine with suction plant.   


Micro trenching and drill trailer

Another new development is for micro trenching in order to provide fast and cost effective production of small trenches for laying glass fibres. The well proven CF 5030 MT has been extended to a four wheel drive version, whilst the CF 6021 MT, for use on longer distances, will in future also be available with an optional cable plough. With the BW 443, Cedima has added to its drill trailer offering. This is self-propelled, with horizontal drill head adjustment, making it suitable for the production of extensive airfield lighting systems. 


Trade products and wall saws

Numerous innovative trade products for retailers will be shown at bauma. These include the newly developed construction circular saw for cutting wood, a band saw, a galvanised table saw and new small joint cutters in combination with its extensive tool portfolio. For wall saws, the WSx-296 and the WS-296 have been further developed, and are now equipped with a strong blade drive motor up to 20kW. In addition, a new user friendly control unit, the HFx-18, has been developed that can be operated on both the 16A and 32A mains. In addition, the corresponding remote control with colour screen makes the sawing process much easier, with all important parameters being displayed directly and in real time. An improved automatic function and increased cutting speed considerably improve ease of operation.  


New method

Also being debuted at bauma is Cedima’s ‘Future grinding’, which is a new method for processing concrete surfaces on motorways and airfields. This special grinding shaft provides improvements in grip, noise reduction and overall texture. As a result, the German Federal Highway Research Institute has announced a research project to assess the benefits of the system.

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