Hilti innovations win product design awards

Published 16/9, 2019 at 14:18

Hilti product designs have won ‘Red Dot’ and ‘iF’ design awards with both competitions citing the DX 9-HSN, a fully automatic powder actuated 'nailer' for fastening profiled metal sheeting to steel decks.

Both the juries of the product design competitions primarily assessed all submissions according to design and ergonomics, degree of innovation, product quality and functionality.

In addition to the DX9-HSN, a second Hilti tool received both the Red-Dot and iF awards, namely the PM 40-MG multi line laser, used for plumbing, levelling, aligning and squaring when installing drywall, supply pipes and cables runs. Hilti’s metal blade ‘Axicon’ technology ensures that the tool stands up to construction site conditions by protecting all sensitive diodes and prisms against being dropped and rough handling. A Red Dot Award was given to the new TE 60-A36 cordless combihammer. The modest weight and low level of vibration generated by the tool ensure precise and comfortable work over a lengthier period of operation. The SC 60W-A36 cordless circular saw, which also exhibits ergonomic balance suited to longer operation, also received a Red Dot Award. This tool features a fast acting blade brake and minimised kickback for added safety.

The Red Dot jury also honoured the Hilti TE-SPX Polygon pointed chisel, which solves three separate problems. The chisel’s thicker flanks help to prevent it from getting stuck in concrete, and the waveform edge not only reduces the risk of snapped chisels by 35%, but also increases chiselling performance by 15%. Furthermore its ‘flower’ shaped cross section helps prevents dust from becoming airborne, leading to a healthier working environment.

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