Hilti offers comprehensive core drilling product portfolios

Published 9/3, 2021 at 15:40

With drill motors, stands and a broad core bit programme, Hilti also offers a wide range of accessories.

These include the DD VP-U vacuum pump, the DD WMS 100 water management system and the DD-AF CA auto feed unit for the high frequency motors DD 350-CA and DD 500-CA. At the centre of the product programme stand the compact, multifunctional DD 150-U and the powerful heavy duty DD 250-CA systems, both of which will see an impressive package of new functionalities added in May 2021. 

Hilti aims to spread the word about its ‘Cut-Assist’ technology. The new units include the popular DD-AF CA functions such as base material search, electric starting aid, and automatic water on/off and break through detection to the new units, but go beyond and bring impressive, exceptional features to market. Both drill motors are equipped with digital displays as a user interface, with the auto feed units being controlled and operated via these. The systems recognise the start and completion of every hole displaying actual drilling depth during drilling and collecting total depth in their user statistics, aiding detecting, tracking and registering drilling depth.

Hilti not only offers drilling motors but also all electric devices needed while coring. The company believes there is immense potential for improved productivity in assisting the user by using such tools to exchange information and optimise activities. The water management system DD-WMS 100, diamond drilling systems DD 150-U and DD 250-CA and auto feed units DD AF-CA L and DD AF-CA H are connected via Bluetooth® to self-optimising local equipment networks. The entire system is controlled by the digital displays of the drilling tools, with the facility to monitor progress while carrying out other tasks. The user is instantly notified about any change in the status of tools while the system is automatically taking measures to avoid downtime, such as through loss of cooling water or stuck core bits. 

Hilti has used LEDs on its tools for a long time to help users while working. The DD 150-U and DD 250-CA now offer digital displays so that users can do even better and more. A flow of functions and screens guide the user through the application steps from set up to drilling and the tracking of the work that has been done. A gear selection aid, digital spirit level, electric starting aid, real time contact force controls and easy to understand service messages make the work easier and increase productivity.  In combination with a mobile device, an app helps to better understand and register the usage history of the tools.

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