Hilti unveils its first construction robot

Published 2/12, 2020 at 15:15

Hilti has introduced the ‘Jaibot’, a semi-autonomous mobile ceiling drilling robot. The Jaibot will help MEP installation contractors tackle productivity, safety and labour shortage challenges, being a further solution towards digitisation of construction sites.

The Jaibot executes its tasks based on building information modelling (BIM) data. The robot is a completely cordless and easy to use system. It locates itself accurately indoors, drills the holes dust controlled and finally marks them according to the trade, making the solution ideally suited for mechanical, electrical and plumbing businesses. “The productivity of the construction industry has been lagging behind other sectors for years. Margin pressure and shortages of skilled labour are already facts of life in our industry and make it increasingly difficult to overcome productivity shortfalls. But leveraging the opportunities offered by digitisation will compensate for it. We do this by intelligently linking processes, teams and data,” said Jan Doongaji, member of the executive Hilti board. “With Jaibot and in close collaboration with our customers, we are further stepping towards realising the efficiency that digital transformation can and will bring to construction sites.” 


Paradigm shift in the construction industry underway  

Time and budget overruns are common occurrences, especially on large construction projects. However, significant productivity gains are possible with digitally planned construction projects and their realisation with the help of robotic solutions. BIM enabled robotic solutions also make the construction process more transparent with improved execution speed, constant performance and fewer errors. Daily progress can be reported from the field to the project office via the cloud. Potential conflicts between the trades involved on a jobsite also can be detected at an early stage and then limited, resulting in more projects delivered on time and within budget.


Helping workers 

Safety played an important role in the development of the Jaibot, with it being designed to assist tradespeople in physically demanding, repetitive installation tasks such as drilling numerous holes overhead. It is navigated by via remote control and uses reference data from a robotic total station, the Hilti PLT 300, with holes within reach being drilled automatically. “We looked at which routine work on the construction site is among the most stressful, and that is primarily overhead work,” said Julia Zanona, product manager for Robotics at Hilti. “From the beginning, it was important to us to develop a robotic solution that supports our customers where it is most needed. The Hilti Jaibot takes over the most strenuous and exhausting tasks, working alongside the installation team.”

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