Husqvarna acquires Wacker Neuson trowel and glazer series

Published 21/11, 2019 at 14:55

Husqvarna Construction Products has purchased the concrete trowel product line from the Wacker Neuson Group in order to further strengthen Husqvarna’s position in concrete floor treatment.

The range will complement Husqvarna’s current range and covers the entire process from soil compaction to polished concrete floors. “New steps we have taken within Husqvarna have been preceded by a carefully crafted global study that started already in 2015. The purpose of the study was to find the most attractive market segments in different regions. With the new products we can increase our presence in, among other things, rental,” says Husqvarna’s Henric Andersson.

Through the addition of the ride on trowels, Husqvarna now will be able to offer a complete offering for concrete coating and polishing and at the same time gain a market leading position for hand guided trowels. Through this, Husqvarna will continue to fully develop its recently launched ‘Hipertrowel’ concept by optimising the equipment, diamond tools and chemicals, to be at the forefront of the increased demand for glosses and so forth for polishing concrete floors.

Production of the trowel range will be moved to Husqvarna's factory in Olathe, Kansa in the USA during the fourth quarter of 2019. At World of Concrete 2020, Husqvarna will also be launching a branded Husqvarna product range which possesses the same values and attributes of the valued and reliable Wacker products. The advantage for the customers, according to Husqvarna, is that the manufacturer will become a full solutions partner for concrete coating and polishing. 

Husqvarna is known for creating innovative, integrated and customer focused solutions that focus on customer productivity, and will now extend this approach to its trowel line. As part of the agreement, Husqvarna will in parallel manufacture trowels on behalf of Wacker Neuson during 2020. This should, in the short term, not affect business, as Wacker Neuson will cease to offer these products, Husqvarna will then be able to supply and support these products under the Husqvarna brand.

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