Husqvarna introduces new battery powered forward plate compactor

Published 4/3 at 11:25

Husqvarna Construction has introduced its first forward plate compactor based on the ‘BLi-X’ 36V battery system. This battery powered compactor is designed to deliver efficient asphalt and soil compaction whilst being very easy to handle.

The new ‘LF 60i LAT’ shares many of the same features as Husqvarna’s standard petrol machines but its battery powered, with the compactor being designed to be easy to start and stop by just pressing a button, with no choke, no rope and no throttle control being needed. This results in zero CO2 emissions to provide a better work environment. Noise levels are also positively affected by the battery powered drive unit which has dual battery capability. “With two BLi300 batteries, the operator can run the forward plate compactor continuously for up to 45min. If one battery is drained, it switches automatically to the next. The BLi-X 36 V battery system is also present on the Husqvarna K 540i power cutter, DE 110i dust extractor, and BV 30i concrete screed, to name a few, but many forest and garden machines feature the same batteries and chargers as well,” says Magnus Lindeberg, global product manager, Light Compaction.

Both the battery operated drive unit and the eccentric unit are designed to be completely maintenance free. Together with the brushless motor, the company says that this results in reduced running costs, delivering a better total cost of ownership while keeping downtime to a minimum. “Not having to handle fuel or work the choke in bad weather conditions to get started makes this machine very efficient, and less maintenance means more time focusing on the job,” continues Magnus Lindeberg, “You can also expect the same high compaction performance as any other forward plate from Husqvarna, we haven’t compromised on the performance when developing this battery powered forward plate. It’s perfect for hardscaping, landscaping, gardening, or block paving, as well as an excellent choice for repair and maintenance for both granular soil and asphalt.”

Features of the compactor include a simple push button operation, large transport wheels and a low vibration, foldable handle for convenient transport, whilst the removable, easy to fill water tank, is designed to provide precise control of water flow. At the same time, the convex bottom plate and sprinkler system are designed to prevent asphalt from sticking to the equipment or creating marks on the compacted surface. “We believe the LF 60i LAT is a great addition to our light compaction range. This battery powered machine’s reliability, performance and ease of use make it highly attractive to contractors like hardscapers looking for a forward plate compactor that delivers excellent results while optimising the cost of ownership,” concludes Magnus Lindeberg.

The LF 60i LAT was launched and demonstrated at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, and it will be available for order from March in Europe and in May in the US and Australia.

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