Husqvarna introduces new ‘Prime’ family

Published 30/6, 2020 at 14:38

Seven years ago, Husqvarna launched its first high frequency Prime system.

Much has happened in the market since then and it is now time for a new Prime launch. This time, the focus has been on creating extremely robust and powerful equipment, developed for demanding workplaces.

The new Prime launch includes a new drill motor, Husqvarna DM 700 and four new power cutters consisting of Husqvarna K 7000, K 7000 Ring (356mm- and 431mm versions) and K 7000 Chain. The modular system is fully compatible with older Prime systems, making it easy for customers to upgrade and expand their machinery as their business grows. At the centre of the launch is the new water cooled power pack Husqvarna PP 70 which is enclosed in an IP65 rated aluminium body that protects the internal components from moisture, shock and impact. The electrical connections and the operator's interface are also designed to operate safely in difficult to handle and dirty conditions.


Flexible power supply and optimal core drilling

When it comes to power supply, the Husqvarna PP 70 is more than flexible. The power is adjusted depending on access, for example with three phase 200-480V or single phase 115-240V (for maximum power, three phase power supply is required). Furthermore, it also optimises core drilling from 80mm to 600 mm as the DM 700 and is equipped with a high frequency permanent magnet motor that is totally maintenance free. The new engine control software works with the two speed gearbox to optimise the speed for drills between 80mm to 600mm in diameter. The DM 700 is water cooled and has no air intake grooves, which means that it is completely impervious to dust, moisture and dirt. Despite its high power, the machine weighs only 13.6 kg.


New Husqvarna 

K 7000 series with a cutting depth of 450mm

The new K 7000 series reinforces Husqvarna’s position as a leading player in handheld cutting. The range includes a 400mm cut, a ring cut in both 431mm and 356mm versions, and a chain saw with a full 450mm cutting depth. All cutters in the series are equipped with a new motor control, which contributes to a soft blade stop. In conjunction with the launch, Husqvarna is also introducing a brand new range of durable diamond chains and swords, which increases overall performance to enable better cutting depth and longer life. The new range includes both ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ levels to suit a wide range of applications.


Compatible with older Prime equipment

Users can easily integrate existing Prime equipment with the new Prime range by using the adapter cables available as accessories.

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