Husqvarna introduces the DM 400 / DM 430 drill motors

Published 21/4 at 13:30

For contractors looking for a durable drill motor that doesn’t compromise on performance, Husqvarna has introduced the new DM 400 and DM 430 single phase 3.2kW electric drill motors. They combine typical Husqvarna usability features with a new level of sturdiness and are also the first Husqvarna drill motors to be equipped with ‘Embedded Connectivity’.

 “The new DM 400 / DM 430 are designed for rough handling and heavy drilling jobs,” says Håkan Pinzani, global product manager for core drilling systems at Husqvarna. “But, they’re also very easy to handle in any drilling conditions you can think of. Truly dependable workhorses built to make the operator proud.” 

The drills come with typical Husqvarna features such as a LED load indicator and the ‘SmartStart’ (half speed) button, as well as a quick connection to the new Husqvarna DS 500 stand, which is designed to fit perfectly with the DM 400 / DM 430. The three speed gearbox makes it easy to adjust rpm for core bit diameters ranging from 55mm to 350mm for the DM 400, and 100mm to 450mm for the DM 430.

Inside the casing, the air cooled heavy duty electric motor is built to a tried and tested design, proven to withstand high loads without overheating. The long life carbon brushes are easy to inspect and replace. To protect the motor and gearbox in case the drill bit gets stuck, the Husqvarna DM 400 / DM 430 are equipped with two independent systems: a mechanical friction clutch and the Husqvarna ‘Elgard’ electronic motor overload protection.

Husqvarna DM 400 / DM 430 are also equipped with ‘Embedded Connectivity’, which is an enhanced version of Husqvarna ‘Fleet Services’. It harvests and presents data analytics and insights into the health of the Husqvarna equipment, including key performance alerts. This technology allows continuous wireless updates of the machine’s software to keep it as smart and modern as possible. The DM 400 / DM 430 will be available to order from February 2020. 

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