Husqvarna invests in training for both employees and customers

Published 4/7, 2022 at 09:20

Husqvarna has expanded its training centre in Söderköping to be able to train its customers more efficiently in the management of their machinery fleets.

Between 9-13 May, Husqvarna Construction Products conducted an intensive week at its facility in Söderköping, Sweden. This consisted of several days of product training for its employees, a golf tournament for the employees as well as an ‘open house day’ and the inauguration of the new demonstration facility in Söderköping.


Training and golf tournament

The week began with three intensive training days where the employees undertook a thorough review of all new products in the range. There was also an opportunity to get the feel and test the machines in a real environment. Thursday 12 May was mainly devoted to a golf tournament between employees, which was held at the Klinga Golf Club south of Norrköping. Maybe the tournament is the start of a tradition where also clients will be invited to compete in the future.


Open house

On Friday 13 May, an open house was held at Husqvarna's facility in Söderköping. Many clients where invited and several contracting companies visited throughout the day, as well as representatives from the municipal management of Söderköping town.  The facility is strategically located right at the entrance to Söderköping and hard to miss. This was originally HTC Sweden's head office, manufacturing facilities and training centre. When Husqvarna acquired HTC, the premises were taken over, which already had a large training centre located at the premises.

Husqvarna Construction Products has expanded the training centre with new exterior test surfaces for its trowels, milling machines, shot blasters and compactors. A large hall has also been built where customers can test all of Husqvarna's machinery and equipment for concrete cutting. There are also areas for the training of operators of demolition robots. Inside the training centre, there are already test surfaces for the range of machinery for grinding and polishing concrete floors and other types of surfaces. There are also auditoriums for theoretical training. A new service centre has also been built in the interior premises for repairs and servicing of all of Husqvarna's broad product range.

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