Husqvarna K 770 VAC and K 770 Dry Cut

Published 25/3, 2019 at 12:47

Operating a power cutter means having to deal with dust. However, in many areas wet cutting is not a feasible option.

Therefore Husqvarna Construction Products has developed two new power cutters specifically designed to offer the possibility to cut dry while dealing with dust contamination.

Wet cutting is the preferred solution in cutting applications, but sometimes dry cutting is the only way to proceed. For example, when water is in short supply, or when regulations forbid slurry.  With Husqvarna’s K 770 VAC and Dry Cut, the power and proven qualities of the lightweight K 770 power cutter are provided while adding the benefit of dust extraction. The construction of the blade guard helps collect dust while cutting, enabling it to be removed and contained.

The K 770 VAC is equipped with a flexible hose connector that is easily attached to an external dust extractor – like the Husqvarna S 26 – providing superior dust transportation and containment. The flexible and portable K 770 Dry Cut is instead equipped with a cutting arm with an integrated fan. The fan’s strong airflow effectively removes dust and transports it to a designated bag where it’s kept contained thanks to the integrated nozzle. The bag is washable, reusable and easily disposed.

Both power cutters provide a cutting depth of 123mm, with an integrated gearbox that reduces the speed of the blade in order to optimise the removal of dust, transporting it via the blade guard either to the external VAC unit or the external bag.  Using Husqvarna’s dry cutting power cutters help improve operator health and safety and, at the same time, provide a slurry free workspace, minimising the need for cleaning or preparing the work site.

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