Hydrodemolition: special feature

Published 23/11, 2021 at 15:29

There’s been a lot happening in the world of hydrodemolition, with what was once considered to be a revolutionary demolition technique, now being commonplace throughout the world. Its benefits are being utilised by contractors and companies in a variety of fields including construction, civil engineering, tunnelling, and of course, demolition. Here we take a look at some of the most recent developments and how they are benefitting the demolition industry.

As one of the most important manufacturers of hydrodemolition equipment in the world, Conjet is right now going through a dynamic period of development and expansion.

Conjet earlier this year introduced ‘Conjet Connect’. “Our goal is to be in the forefront of new technology and to always meet customer demands as well as to be compliant with industry standards and regulations. Conjet Connect complies with ‘Industry 4.0’, and we are proud to introduce this cloud based solution for easy fleet management including real time operating data, diagnostics, and data history. The solution also monitors the location of each machine for easy tracking and planning,” says Robert Kreicberg, CEO Conjet. The term Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution) was first used at an exhibition in Germany in 2010 with its cornerstones being interconnection, technical assistance and decentralised decisions.


How Conjet Connect works

By utilising the tools for analysing collected data, owners and fleet managers are provided with the means to further improve the utilisation of proper resources. The data is accessed through a normal mobile or stationary device such as a mobile phone, tablet or a PC. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac. Conjet Connect combines the user friendly ‘GUI’, incorporated in all machines in the company’s 7-series, with key sensors in the under laying design of the machines to communicate with the internet where variables are stored for instant (or later) retrieval. Data variables include operating and auto-hours, active alarm, serial number, fuel level, system pressures, operating status and so forth, in real time, for instant monitoring and diagnostics of the running system. 


Sales agreement with Austrian Reprotex

Conjet has also recently entered into a global sales agreement with Reprotex GmbH. Reprotex, headquartered in Austria, develops and manufactures mobile wastewater treatment plants. Reprotex’s plants are used around the world for containing, treating and recycling wastewater that is produced in all types of high pressure (HP) water applications, including hydrodemolition, tank cleaning, ship repair and de-coating, pavement demarcation and many other industrial cleaning operations. With this innovative system, the wastewater can also be recycled and reused, further decreasing environmental impact and operating costs for contractors. “The partnership of our two companies merges two innovative technologies into a new and unrivalled application: hydrodemolition in a closed water circuit. Safe, cost efficient and sustainable. And perfect match for our clients as well as the environment,” says Robert Kreicberg.


New headquarters and distributors

Conjet AB has now relocated its head office from Haninge, where the company has been present since the early ’90s, to new office and production facilities in Albybergsringen 118, Dalarö, Sweden. The relocation is a result of Conjet’s growth over the past few years due to the increased interest in the company’s products and solutions, which also seen the workforce increase to 30 people in Sweden. “The relocation of our operation is the culmination of an exciting year for us in 2021,” explains Robert Kreicberg. Further, Conjet has recently started up a new North American headquarters and also several new distribution partners in Europe, Asia and South America.


Conjet opens North American HQ

Conjet AB, the manufacturer of ‘Automated Concrete Removal’ (ACRTM) robots, has opened its North American headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The headquarters consists of offices, indoor/outdoor training areas and a large warehouse, and are aimed at helping Conjet achieve its primary goals of helping customers to be successful on every project, and growing the overall market demand for hydrodemolition services. 

Specifically, the headquarters will provide a large inventory of 7-Series spare parts, available for overnight delivery and training facilities to help customers’ personnel improve their skills. The demonstration facilities are designed to help educate asset owners, engineers and other specifiers on the techniques and benefits of hydrodemolition, whilst the service area is for equipment maintenance and repair. The corporate offices will house Conjet’s sales, aftersales support and the back office team in North America.

The headquarters are located at the CLT Logistics Park, which is less than ten minutes from Charlotte International Airport. Stephen Sistrunk, the North American CEO of Conjet Inc., stated, “The Charlotte location was chosen based on a number of factors, one of the most important being ease of access for our customers. Since our headquarters is located less than 10 minutes from the CLT airport, ranked #4 nationally in direct domestic flights, most of our customers and other industry stakeholders can fly into Charlotte in the morning for demos and training, enjoy a full day of education, and easily be back home in time to sleep in their own bed that evening. We are extremely excited to be able to offer this level of accessibility to the market.”

Daily operations at the Charlotte headquarters will be handled by Andy Antle, who recently joined Conjet as operations manager. Prior to joining Conjet, Andy graduated before working for Amazon at the Charlotte distribution facility. At the new Conjet headquarters, Andy will oversee order administration, inventory and logistics. Stephen Sistrunk commented, “Opening the Charlotte headquarters is a huge step forward for Conjet as we execute on our goals of providing the highest possible level of support to customers and growing the overall market demand for hydrodemolition services. 

“Team Conjet is very happy to finally have a central base of operations in North America where we can meet with our customers face to face, provide educational opportunities and further enhance our level of support. In the near future, we will be hosting an open house where we will bring together industry participants, perform equipment demonstrations and offer training on ACRTM techniques and benefits. Stay tuned for more details on our next open house. Until then, please feel free to drop by and visit us in Charlotte any time!”


Mariusz Stabryla appointed Conjet production manager

Conjet AB is excited to announce that Mariusz Stabryla has joined the team as its production manager, responsible for managing and strengthening assembly and warehouse at the company’s Swedish facilities. Mariusz has extensive experience as a manager, latterly being employed as the production manager of Scanreco AB, where he managed a team of 30. Mariusz has been a key player in Scanreco’s transformation from a small company to an industrial organisation with a global presence, thus bringing valuable knowledge and experience to Conjet. Mariusz also has experience of working with production technology, purchasing and planning.

 Ola Wagner, Conjet CEO, stated, “We are extremely happy to welcome Mariusz to ‘Team Conjet’. We are in a critical phase in our focus on operational excellence and Mariusz’s experience and skills are critical in helping us to develop our operations processes and continue improving the service to our customers. Warm welcome aboard Mariusz!”


Conjet’s European Demo tour

In order to show the advantages of using hydrodemoliton technology, in September 2021 Conjet went on a European demonstration tour. “We want to show our clients what our amazing robots can do,” said Conjet service manager Conny Tångring. “For over 35 years, we have led the development of robotic hydrodemolition technology – a technology with a proven track record as the most sustainable and effective method for concrete removal and other types of surface preparation,” said Conjet CEO Robert Krecberg.

Hydrodemolition technology uses the tensile strength of the water that, in combination with high pressure, penetrates the concrete, creating an over-pressure that ‘blasts’ the concrete away. Conjet has incorporated its technology and long experience into state of the art robots which enables the contractor to do the work of multiple jackhammer operators, reducing cost and increasing productivity and safety. Some of the other advantages using hydrodemolition include providing an optimal bond as it does not create micro cracks in the remaining structure which ensures that any repair will be long lasting and high quality. It further extends the useful life of the structure, whilst eliminating vibrations and dust as well as dramatically reducing noise. Hydrodemolition is also precise enabling the selective removal of damaged concrete only, or non-selective removal to a predetermined depth.

The demonstration tour started in September and ended in October with three of Conjet’s distributors in the Netherlands, France and Portugal being visited. “Hydrodemoliton is still a pretty unknown technique that we want to show to the world. Everyone can see that a robot looks good on paper, but customers need to see it in real life to fully understand the greatness. We are certain that if potential users can see the benefits of our automated concrete removal robots with their own eyes they will never choose anything else for concrete removal, surface preparation and paint removal,” said Conjet sales director for Europe, Middle East and Africa Michel Duras.

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