IACDS Annual Meeting 2020 will take place in conjunction with the Bebosa Show in Willingen

Published 22/11, 2019 at 16:13

A great year is soon ending and I would like to use this moment to sit down and let this year pass by.

 In April I was elected president for two years, with this being a very deep cut in my vita, although following Julie White as president will be a hard challenge. We had a great bauma with a very successful Diamond Award Ceremony. The entries were just amazing and we got so many making it really hard to decide on just one winner.

Now IACDS has just come back from India, where the Indian Demolition Association (IDA) has been established as India’s very own association. I am very grateful and was deeply honoured that IACDS was invited. At the launch of the IDA the IACDS board member Dr. Martin Gödickemeier had the opportunity to make a presentation on the IACDS, our values and our work. We are also very proud that the IDA has applied for membership for the IACDS and look forward to welcoming the IDA into our ranks.

We have also welcomed back the Austrian association for concrete cutting and drilling (VBS) into the IACDS. 24 years ago, the VBS was a founding member of this association, thus with our silver anniversary next year, I am very proud to have them back as a member. This silver anniversary will be celebrated on 25 and 26 March in Willingen as part of the Bebosa show. There will be a dinner on the Wednesday Evening and general assembly on Thursday morning. So, mark the date! 

Bebosa is a very popular German trade show, which is held every 3 years in the year after the bauma in the locale of Willingen. In 2020 the IACDS will combine its annual convention and the 25th anniversary celebration with the Bebosa show. This will bring international guests from all over the world to Bebosa and underline the importance of the successful model of the show. Hopefully you’ll be able to come and see for yourself, and if you do, you will find out that this will be a perfect event to network and exchange with wonderful people from all over the world.

Experience shows that the last weeks of the year are still a bit hectic, but I still wish you some time and leisure to prepare for the upcoming Christmas celebrations. One thing is for sure: Christmas is definitely coming on 24 December. My next column in PDi 6-2019 which will be out around new year. That is why I already now take the chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the best!
Michael Findeis, President of IACDS 

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