IACDS Diamond Award winners to be announced at bauma 2019

Published 7/3, 2019 at 17:27

Quite an impressive number of companies have submitted applications for the 2019 IACDS Diamond Awards. This time there are two different categories, Job Submission and Product Submissions. Below is the short list of the companies who have entered the awards, with more detailed information being available on the IACDS website.

Job Submissions

West Coast Cutting & Coring Group: a company located in Vancouver Island and Prince George, has 60 employees, 50 trucks and offers the services of slab sawing, core drilling, wall sawing, wire sawing and selective demolition. The company presents a job carried out in Mission (Canada).

Robocore Cuts Ltd: a diamond drilling, concrete cutting specialist and controlled demolition contractor from the UK, presents a job carried out at Dunkirk Jetty in Dover (UK).

Nippon Concrete Cutting Co.: a specialist in the diamond wire saw cutting field that presents a job carried out in Kawasaki (Japan).

Concrete Coring Company: a specialist company in the support business of concrete removal and water jetting, whose job was carried out in Osaka (Japan).

Seliger GmbH: is known for reliability, accuracy and cleanliness in providing a wide variety of different techniques in the concrete cutting and drilling business. The company presents a job carried out in Neubrandenburg (Germany).

Dianmantbohr: whose job was carried out in Muttenz (Switzerland).

Daiichi Cutter: is focused on flat sawing, core drilling, wall sawing, wire sawing, grooving, bursting, grinding and hydro demolition, whose job was carried out in Nikko (Japan).

Cut Inc.: provides sawing, drilling, grinding, robotic demolition, excavation, removal, nuclear work and fabrication of custom saw and drill attachments, and whose job was carried out in Knoxville (USA).

Atlantic Concrete Cutting Inc.: offers services of kerb sawing, wall sawing, slab sawing, wire sawing, core drilling, joint widening and sealing. Its job was carried out in Tarrytown (USA).

CA Drillers Ltd: a diamond drilling and sawing contractor that has been trading since 1981. The company presents a job carried out in London (UK).

Re-Corta: is dedicated to technical demolition works, with over 25 years of experience in the field, offering innovative, safe and timely solutions to a diverse range of clients in sectors such as building (deconstruction), heavy industries and renewable energies. The company presents a job carried out in Mers El Kébir Military Base (Algeria).

Cutting Edge: a company that focuses on diamond wire sawing of large concrete and metal structures, predominately in the hydro and nuclear markets. Its job submission was carried out in Iowa (USA).

Diamond Drilling: established in Australia in 1973, it mainly provides rendering services for controlled demolition, cutting and breaking concrete. The job was carried out in Prahova County, Ploiesti City (Romania).

Perfocort: part of the Dekkak Group along with Casa Crane, the company was created in January 2011, presents a job carried out in Casablanca (Morocco).


Product Submissions

Braun: consists of three divisions: steel cutting and grinding machines, hydraulic steel structures and rake cleaning systems, decommissioning and dismantling technologies.

Cuts Inc.:  a CSDA member since 2012, offers the following services: sawing, drilling, grinding, robotic demolition, excavation, removal, nuclear work and fabrication of custom saw and drill attachments.

FBS and VDMA: works in conjunction with national drilling and sawing associations in Europe and presents its product that was presented at BeBoSa 2017 in Germany.

Thayr: offers a range of precision equipment, including drilling and cutting equipment, road and floor saws, diamond wire and disk cutters and remote controlled Brokk demolition robots. Their product submission was launched in January 2018 in Spain.

Vacuworx: founded in 1999 in Tulsa (Oklahoma, USA), the company engineers and manufactures innovative heavy duty material handling equipment for the oil and gas, water and sewer, highway and heavy construction, concrete construction, landscaping and manufacturing industries worldwide.

SMK Sprayer: provides leading edge portable sprayer products and develops engineered solutions to meet even the most demanding of customer requirements. The product that applies for the award was launched during February 2018.

Hilti: the company develops and manufactures products, systems, software and services that provide the construction and energy sectors with clear added value.

Tyrolit: is one of the leading manufacturers of grinding and dressing tools, as well as a system provider in the construction industry, whose product was launched in 2018 in western and eastern Europe.

Both awards are now closed for submissions as the deadlines for both categories were 31 January 2019. During February 2019, judges evaluated the submissions in order to choose the winners that will be formally announced on Thursday 11 April, 2019, at bauma 2019, at an event that will be held in Room B11, pavilion B1 at the Munich Exhibition Centre at 16.00hrs. There will also be a special networking event held in conjunction with the awards ceremony.


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