IACDS presents its first industry report on the evolution of companies and forecasts [...]

Published 30/12, 2020 at 09:00

IACDS presents its first industry report on the evolution of companies and forecasts for the sector

The International Association of Concrete Drilling and Sawers, IACDS, has released the IACDS Industry Report 2020. This is the first report to analyse the evolution of the global drilling and sawing industry whilst also showing trends that will help future decision making.

The publication includes information concerning the development of contractor companies in 2019 and provides forecasts for 2020. The information in the report has been collected through an online survey that was translated into 10 languages from eight countries.

Thanks to the data provided by National Associations, manufacturers and contractors, the IACDS has produced a report with graphics and statistics to give an overview of the situation facing the drilling and sawing industry worldwide. The document is only available online, providing interactive navigation adapted to all devices (mobile, tablet and computer) through the IACDS website (www.iacds.org/industry-report/). The International Drilling and Sawing Industry Report 2020 is an effective tool, helping stakeholders increase their knowledge of the industry.


Main results of the IACDS Industry Report 2020

Globally, according to the data in the report, the most common type of company in this sector is a small business that operates mainly at a local and regional level, focusing on activities related to drilling and sawing (more than 75% of its turnover). The business prospects for these specialised activities seem to be stable or slightly increasing, with no significant changes reported in terms of staffing. The companies surveyed indicated that their investment plans will also remain stable, both in terms of workforce training as well as machinery, equipment and consumables.


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