Idrobase Group announces new ‘Elefante 90’ fog maker

Published 24/11 at 16:44

The Idrobase Group has announced the releases of the Elefante 90 which is a fog maker with a 90m fan jet and a motor of only 18kW. It is a solution that the company says matches the requirements of the industry and is equipped with an easy and intuitive touch screen and can be controlled remotely.

The performance of the Elefante 90 is the result of the careful improvement of its main features. These include a 90m fan jet using a18kW motor;135 nozzles that produce a drop size of 17 micron, whilst nebulisation is at 80bar, with the fog maker also having an elevation of -20°/+45° and a fan diameter of 340°. The new fog maker can be used to meet most needs including dust suppression (also PM10 and PM2.5), odour neutralisation, cooling and sanitation. Elefante 90 also embraces the corporate philosophy of ‘clean breathing’ and, like all Idrobase Group solutions, is able to nebulise sterilised water, eliminating any existing threats.

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