IMP – innovation in Indeco’s multiprocessor range

Published 28/6, 2019 at 13:24

Indeco’s new IMP multiprocessor has a more robust body and has been redesigned to increase its maximum jaw opening, while its demolition, pulverizing and cutting geometries on the various jaws have also been improved.

The jaws have also undergone another key improvement, with Indeco IMP’s crusher and pulveriser configurations now having interchangeable teeth. This means that unlike other products on the market rather than being disassembled individually, all are removed together as they are welded onto a bolt on plate which is anchored to the jaw. This not only greatly speeds up replacement, but also improves grip, giving the attachment greater durability. The shear version has also undergone substantial innovation with the blades now being fully reversible and interchangeable so that they can be used for cutting at any angle. They have a dual profile piercing tip system with differentiated upper and lower tips, for a clean gradual cut.

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