Important new guidelines from IACDS

Published 19/12, 2014

When the International Association for Concrete Drillers and Sawers IACDS held its annual meeting in 2013 the association received sharp criticism from a few member associations that too few results are available for the concrete cutting market can benefit from. It was decided to call for a separate meeting to discuss the future of IACDS. This meeting took place in Amsterdam in the autumn of 2013.

The majority of the member associations met and where represented by a number of contractors. IACDS president Lars Sandström and secretary Daniel Trachsel chaired the meeting. The meeting became a brainstorming session and the foundations of the association were dissected. The outcome of the meeting was very positive and maybe something that should have been made several years ago.
In brief it was decided that the first task for IACDS should be to create a number of common guidelines for the industry to create conformity and to help contractors in their daily work. Each member country represented received homework, which should result in a draft of a guideline within those sectors of work that are most common and most important. Each country chose the area it had most experience in. Below are the disciplines that needed a common guideline:

• Robotic demolition training guideline

• Quartz dust guideline

• HAVS guideline

• Specification market key indicators guideline

• Basic description technologies

• Noise reduction guidelines

• Slurry handling guidelines

• Tool connection directive IACDS Standard 2007/1, basic parameters for concrete drilling and sawing equipment

• Tolerances and limits for construction drilling and sawing, second edition 2006

It was decided that drafts should be made and sent out well in time before the annual meeting so each member would have time to go through the drafts and comment on them. Finally the standards and guidelines where presented by each author at the annual meeting in Madrid, in the summer and were approved by the meeting. Everybody agreed that this procedure was exactly in line with what type of missions IACDS should work with, creating overall standards and guidelines and making each member company’s daily work easier, safer and more efficient.
Also each member association does not need to do all the work by themselves and instead seek help from IACDS. By establishing overall standards and guidelines, make sure they are followed and by continuing to create new guidelines IACDS will contribute to conformity within the global concrete sawing and drilling industry. And this type of work will continue within the IACDS.
One subject discussed quite a lot within IACDS is the possible need for a special operator’s certificate for handling remotely controlled demolition robots. It is a fast growing trend that concrete cutters use demolition robots in their daily work all over the world. Maybe IACDS is the right forum for supervising certification for demolition robot operators.
All standards and new guidelines can be downloaded at IACDS web portal The IACDS meeting in June 2014 stated that it is of highest importance that each member association also shares the information with its national members and follows the new guidelines in order to establish conformity.

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