Indeco focuses on marketplace needs

Published 27/6 at 16:47

Founded in 1976, the Italian hydraulic breaker manufacturer Indeco Ind. S.p.A., aims to predict and react to the needs of the marketplace through its country wide sales networks and after sales service facilities. This directly leading to the company’s continuing track record of product development.

After many years of developments including the world’s first ‘intelligent hammer’, a range of fixed and rotating pulverisers, and multifunctional hydraulic grabs designed specifically for demolishing buildings and vertical structures, Indeco in 2004 launched the new series of ‘High Performance’ HP breakers. These possess a novel design, using brand new materials and delivered lower noise emissions. The breakers were followed in 2008 with the world’s biggest hydraulic hammer, 4.6m high and weighing 11.05t. In 2019, Indeco launched its new range of IMH boom mounted mulching heads, powerful land clearing tools for felling and clearing vegetation. New product development has continued, with Indeco launching new products such as hydraulic compactors, hydraulic shears, demolition sorting grabs and pedestal mounted breaker boom systems. 

Now the company is able to stay even closer to its customers via partnerships in much of Europe, particularly in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and the United Kingdom, as well as being a leading player in Italy. This focus on the Northern European market recently led to the acquisition of a Dutch company, followed by the setting up of Indeco Northern Europe and the launch of Indeco Deutschland to serve the German market. Indeco is also present in the American market as Indeco North America. Furthermore, Indeco Australia, Indeco UK, Indeco Mexico, Indeco Brazil and Indeco Asia Ltd have been founded, and in 2009, Indeco established a sales office in Russia.

There have been several further additions to the Indeco product range, such as improvements to the hydraulic system on all hammers, and a broadened and rationalised catalogue. There will be technological upgrades and design improvements for most products in the catalogue, undertaken on the basis of specific feedback from Indeco’s customer base.

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