Indeco, innovative responses to a continuously changing global market

Published 20/12, 2022 at 10:35

The Italian manufacturer held as usual its bauma press conference at its booth where the company presented new products and news.

Since 2000, Indeco states that it has consistently responded to a progressively differentiated market in search of increasingly specialised products, expanding its product portfolio to include new equipment enriched by the company’s technological expertise gained in the manufacture of breakers. From 2000 and onward, Indeco started to develop and manufacturer other types of hydraulic attachments for demolition, scrap and recycling applications. Its multi grabs and hydraulic mulching heads now being produced in Indeco’s US manufacturing facilities. At bauma Indeco launched a number of new products and developments to complement its existing product lines.


New rail cutter series

In 2022 a new line of equipment has been created. It is designed for specific use connected to the transition from traditional to high speed rail networks. These are the ‘IRC’ series rail breakers which are specially designed for cutting railway, tramway and metro rails. The particular design of the jaws, combined with the efficiency of the hydraulic system and the robustness of the machine body allow the cutting of rails up to 70kg of mass per metre, with hardness up to 300Brinell.


The ‘Indeconnect’ remote monitoring system

Also in 2022, Indeco introduced its the new Indeconnect remote monitoring system based on the principles of IoT. Through a device mounted on the various equipment supplied with 4G technology for wireless connection and a cloud based web platform accessible from mobile (via app) or PC, the system allows the consulting of data transmitted in real time by each device installed. This enables users to see hours of work done, working position in space, hydraulic oil temperature, ambient temperature, GPS location and so on. This makes it possible to monitor productivity, control the operation of equipment, increase safety, predict and plan maintenance and manage any rented equipment.


Double plate for double protection

Indeco states that the excellent results obtained, in terms of lengthening the tool’s life through the insertion of an anti-wear plate on the mobile jaw of its ‘IRP’ pulverisers, have pushed Indeco to adopt the same precaution also on the fixed jaw. The interchangeable plate will preserve the supporting structure of the pulveriser, allowing it to withstand strong pressures, abrasions and prolonged use in any type of application.


ISS 8/13 shears

Another new development is Indeco’s top of the range model to complete its range of ‘ISS’ shears. A slightly bigger model than the ISS 5/7, it can be used on excavators from 6t. Among its distinctive features are a short and sturdy structure, low weight, balance, the design of the jaws modified to optimise the cutting power and increase maximum opening, the presence of four interchangeable and reversible knives and the latest generation piercing tip.


Multi grabs IMG 300

Indeco has expanded its range expands downwards. As has already happened for other ranges of Indeco equipment, the multi grabs have expanded to make room for a new model, the IMG 300, which is compatible with small excavators (starting from 3t) which has been increasingly requested by the market.


Technological upgrade to the entire range

After recently undergoing radical restyling, the range of Indeco mulchers is now being further modified through a series of fine tuning that is aimed at increasing its efficiency and reliability. Small but significant improvements have been made on the transmission and placement on the drum of the interchangeable teeth that are now equipped with a bite limiter that prevents maximum penetration into the wood. In this way, it is possible to use larger teeth, such as Indeco ‘Cobras’, to obtain a finer mulching and a more fluid shredding action. This has been developed so that it stresses the machine less and increases its productivity, making the most of the ratio between the weight of the equipment and the hydraulic capacity of the excavator.


Indeco ‘Lube’

Designed for smaller equipment, specifically Indeco’s hydraulic hammers starting from the HP 200, which will now be equipped with a single centralised greasing point to which the Indeco Lube automatic greasing unit can be connected. This is a development said to be requested by users and acted on by the Indeco Research and Development department.


Wide global network

Indeco also has number of fully owned subsidiaries located around the world. In 1992, Indeco Australia was founded, with two offices in Melbourne and Sydney and a network of distributors in other regions.

Indeco UK was founded in 1998 based on the invaluable experience acquired by the local Indeco importer.  In 2009, Indeco strengthened its presence throughout Eastern Europe with the establishment of a sales office in Russia, Indeco Russia, in order to better support the distribution network throughout the CIS territory.

Indeco Mexico, founded in 2011 and controlled by Indeco North America, deals with sales and aftersales service throughout the entire country. The long standing presence in the Brazilian market was further strengthened by the establishment, at the start of 2017, of Indeco Brasile. In 2018, Indeco Asia Ltd opened in Hong Kong, becoming a point of reference for the Chinese and South East Asian markets. Indeco Japan has also been recently founded.

Indeco also boasts a series of commercial partnerships in countries such as India, where it is currently experiencing strong growth thanks to its collaboration with various local partners. In most emerging markets such as Africa and the Middle East, where Indeco, through its products and network of distributors, collaborates on some of the most important infrastructural works.

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