Indeco’s anti dust system updated

Published 16/9, 2019 at 15:15

The IDA dust abatement system, already available on some of the hammers in the Indeco range, has been updated in line with the latest OSHA guidelines in order to protect workers even more against exposure to crystalline silica micro particles.

Indeco has launched an optional low pressure dust abatement system for its smaller range of hammers and pulverisers, which can be mounted on carriers of up to 16t. The technology involves moving the vaporising plate, with its four nozzles, away from its previous position in the lower part of the casing. It is now located where the mounting bracket is attached, which enables it to cover the whole working area (whatever position it is in) and reduce the amount of dust produced, even on windy days. The new system needs a low pressure water supply, with the sprayers turning on automatically only when the attachment is in action, thus also reducing water consumption.

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