Indeco’s new developments unveiled at bauma 2019

Published 28/6, 2019 at 13:26

Indeco presented new developments including a new range of IMH hydraulic mulching heads, two smaller demolition attachments, plus two key technological updates at bauma.

Given the growth in mini excavator sales, Indeco has created the new HP 100 and the IRP 5 X, respectively Indeco’s smallest hydraulic hammer and rotating pulveriser, both capable of performance even in very tight spaces. The company has also introduced a whole new line of tools, IMH boom mounted mulching heads, manufactured and successfully tested by Indeco North America and soon to be available worldwide. These brand new products can transform excavators and skid steers into powerful land clearing and maintenance tools in the forestry, gardening and landscaping applications.

That is not all however; “Last but not least are the technological upgrades on two of our major lines,” says Indeco marketing manager Michele Vitulano. “The IMP multiprocessor has become even more efficient, with its improved design and the introduction of new interchangeable teeth in the crusher and pulveriser configurations and reversible cutter blades in the shear version. And then we’ve brought in a new dust abatement system for our hydraulic hammers, based on the latest OSHA directives, which minimises operator exposure to micro particles of crystalline silica.”

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