Introducing the new Tyrolit WCE18 wire saw

Published 21/4, 2020 at 14:01

The WCE18 sees the introduction of the newest member of the Tyrolit wire saw family.

The electric saw comes with extra-large wire storage of 15m and a powerful 18kW high frequency drive. It is perfectly suited for demanding jobs and the controlled demolition of larger structures, such as bridges, chimneys, or foundations. 

The saw comes with such features as infinitely variable cutting speeds from 0-25m/s, smoothly adjustable wire tension, wire storage of 15m and an overall wire length of 19m. It has a high initial torque and an almost slip free power transmission thanks to its large drive wheel (Ø 445mm). There is less wear of the main components due to reduced load of the wire storage, a clear, user friendly control board and a water cooled high frequency motor (18kW). The WCE18 measures 1,170mm x 1,810mm x 760 mm and weighs 354kg.

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