JetPower480-Vario from Uraca

Published 22/11, 2019 at 16:44

Uraca’s new ‘JetPower’480-Vario is a flexible high pressure pump unit ideal for virtually every application.

The new pump unit is able to tackle a wide range of alternating applications without needing any modification. Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, this powerful unit in the 480 kW class is suitable not just for industrial and contract cleaning, but also for surface rehabilitation. The key to this flexibility is automatic adjustment catering to the demands placed on the tools being used. This provides the ability to run virtually any tool, from simple hand tools to hydrodemolition robots, efficiently with a single machine, without the need for modifications. This allows for big jobs, such as concrete demolition or large vessel cleaning, and any associated tasks with a handheld gun to be carried out in rapid succession. 

The unit is easy to operate, and doesn’t require the flow rate to be adjusted in advance. The required pressure is simply set via a user friendly control system, and the unit quickly responds to adjust its output to deliver this pressure to the tools currently in use. A colour display providing important information at a glance completes the intuitive ‘Uraca Control’ system. The result is the ability to quickly switch the unit between different high pressure applications while maintaining energy efficient operation. 

The pump is skid mounted complete with all drive components and is powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine. This engine provides for environmentally friendly operation in accordance with the current Tier V emissions standards. Fuel consumption is also minimised with the help of automatic transmission that can shift under load, ensuring efficient operation across a range of operating conditions. For mobility, the complete unit can be either truck or container mounted. Skid mounted water and diesel tanks are sized appropriately for the unit’s mobile use.

The advantages of the pump are clear: for example, a single pump unit rated at 1,000bar is ready to tackle jobs with flow requirements ranging from 16l/min up to 283l/min, without the need to change any components or employ energy wasting devices. This flexibility means an entire job site can be served by a single pump, which is capable of efficiently tackling jobs both big and small.

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