Katsuji Shibuya 1928-2019

Published 7/3 at 12:37

On 2 February, 2019, Katsuji Shibuya, founder and chairman of Shibuya Company, sadly passed away at an age of 91. Katsuji Shibuya was the father of Norikazu Shibuya, who has now taken the role as chairman of the company whilst remaining its president.

Katsuji Shibuya had a long and exiting life, with his work greatly contributing to the Japanese city of Hatsukaichi, located outside Hiroshima. He started his professional life as a teacher, but in the 1950s left teaching and started to sell agricultural tools and machines, becoming a distributor of Kubota agricultural machines. He was very successful in his business, and became the number one distributor for Kubota agricultural equipment in Japan. 

During the 1960s the city of Hiroshima, and the whole region, transformed, with new types of manufacturing industries evolving, and concrete becoming a more and more common construction material. Katsuji Shibuya wanted to be part of this development, and began production himself in order to become less dependent on other manufacturers. He identified an opportunity after selling US Rigid and Milwaukee’s machines for many years, which led in 1969 to establishing production of drill motors, with the first being the TS-1. After a couple of years, TS-1 was remodelled providing a sales boost. The demand for concrete sawing and drilling equipment increased dramatically, and alongside successful production and sales the company grew rapidly. During the first two decades, Shibuya products were mainly sold domestically, but the export business started to grow after 1978, and today Shibuya products are sold worldwide.

PDi Magazine and staff would like to express their deepest condolences to the Shibuya family; they are in our thoughts and prayers. We would also like to express our thanks to Katsuji Shibuya for what he has given to the global concrete sawing and drilling industry. May he rest in peace.

Jan Hermansson

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