Kemroc EK 100 chain cutter for high speed trenching

Published 30/12, 2020 at 09:56

Under normal circumstances, the Bavarian company Verbautec relies on their own excavator with hydraulic quick coupler and specialist attachments for trenching projects. However, for a project in the city of Furth, Bavaria, the company rented a Kemroc EK 100 chain cutter as the trenching tool of choice.

The core competencies of Verbautec, a company based in Oberhaching, Bavaria, includes the design, installation and supply of shoring systems. As an additional service to its customers, it also offers a contracting service which allows the delivery of a fully finished product. Using its operator and excavator package, the company excavates starts and targets pits for boreholes, excavates foundations or undertakes trenching work. A dedicated range of attachments ensure efficient, cost effective results. 

In October 2020, Marcel Zipfel, the plant and site manager for Verbautec, was given a week to excavate a 400m long service trench required for the construction of a new exhibition hall near the city of Furth. It was decided to rent a Kemroc EK 100_700 chain cutter attachment for use with a 30t excavator, with the attachment being needed since the ground along the length of the trench had recently been stabilised with an 800mm deep layer of lime. 

Chain cutters from Kemroc have a chain fitted with tungsten carbide tipped picks running between two cutter drums. This allows trenches to be excavated as wide as necessary and as narrow as possible, without costly overcutting which can result from having to swing traditional drum cutters sideways during operation. At the same time, chain cutters are powerful enough to penetrate solid rock. For Verbautec, the lime stabilised soil offered little resistance to the rental attachment used on the trenching project at Furth. 

Marcel Zipfel estimated that during the one week long project, the actual cutting time for the attachment amounted to approximately 8h. In between, the fully hydraulic quick exchange coupler was often in use, changing attachments between the chain cutter, the bucket and a compacter. The process for completion of the project was to excavate a length of trench, lay the pipework, then backfill and compact before repeating the process for the next section of trench. One of the main advantages of using the chain cutter in this process was, according to Marcel Zipfel, “The excavated material was so finely grained that we could use it as backfill after laying the pipes, without any additional processing or transportation.” 

The specialists from Verbautec are continuously on the road with their fleet of equipment, traveling from job site to job site. However, they do not need a chain cutter attachment every day, so for the project in Furth, the attachment was rented at short notice from B.I.V. Located in the town of Bindlach, B.I.V. is a construction equipment company and a dealer for equipment from Kemroc, having several customers in the states of Saxonia, Thuringia and Northern Bavaria. Kemroc chain cutter attachments have proved the ideal solution for trenching and pipeline applications, especially when rock is hit unexpectedly.

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