Kemroc expands product range

Published 30/6, 2020 at 14:30

Kemroc, the manufacturer of excavator attachments, has announced a major expansion to its product range, including a complete range of twin head rotary drum cutters.

The extended range of attachments from Kemroc provides excavator operators with a choice of tools that are tailor made to meet their needs. The new models were released in March, with additions being expected to follow later in the year.  These add to the new milling attachments that were introduced at bauma 2019. In addition to a range of chain cutters, cutter wheels and diamond saws are the release of attachments designed specifically for applications in demolition, tunnelling, trenching, pipeline as well as civil engineering and concrete refurbishment.


New 220kW model coming this autumn

The patented EK range of chain cutters, designed for excavators with operating weights from 1.5 to 50t, and continues to be a core product for Kemroc. In autumn 2020, the company will expand the EK range with the launch of a 220kW model designed for use on excavators with operating weights from 50t to 70t. The concept is being rounded off with the introduction of the EKT range of drum cutters that can be converted into chain cutters. Designed for use on 18t to 45t excavators, these economical and narrow attachments with rigid gear boxes have motors providing high torque and cutting force, being supplied without the chain as standard. However, a conversion kit is available, allowing them to be fitted with a cutter chain if required.

In addition to the standard EK and convertible EKT range of drum cutters with chains, Kemroc has launched a range of rotary drum cutters that have no central cutting chain. With strong, torsion and wear resistant housings and rugged gear drives, these products are designed to work in demanding conditions. Hydraulic hoses exit from the rear of the housing, and holes for water jet dust suppression are fitted as standard. The KR range is designed for use on excavators from 1t to 125t in operating weight. The robust design makes them the ideal attachment for use on short arm excavators for working in tight spaces, for example in tunnelling applications, as well as vibration free and silent demolition of reinforced concrete structures. 

The new KRD range is compact and lightweight but strong. Direct drive KRD drum cutters are available for use on excavators with operating weights from 20t to 40t. Lighter and shorter, these attachments are ideal for use on long arm excavators for demolition and shaft sinking applications. They can also be used for soil stabilisation and concrete renovation applications. Intentionally oversized bearings have been used to support the cutter drums for a long operating life.

In addition to the new range of rotary drum cutters, with or without cutter chain, Kemroc has developed the new KRL range of longitudinal drum cutters for use on excavators with operating weights from 15t to 40t. They are designed for use in civil engineering applications such as the cleaning of bored pile heads and excavating for foundations. For these attachments, Kemroc offer a wide range of cutter options which includes the option of converting the machine for grinding tree stumps. They can also be converted into an auger drive unit. Information on the new KRM range of rotation units with continuous, stepless rotation can also be found in the Kemroc product catalogue. Models are available for use on excavators from 2t to 70t operating weight. Compact, robust and easy to maintain, these rotation units expand the operating capabilities of all attachments. 


A commitment to product development

Together with their individual features, every model outlined shares features common to all Kemroc products. “All of our machines are designed to be strong enough to withstand the forces they will be subjected to during normal operating conditions,” says Klaus Ertmer, owner and managing director of Kemroc. “They create low levels of noise and vibration and they are energy efficient. We can guarantee this because we have been involved in rock cutting technology for more than twenty years and we combine our experience with the needs of the customer when we design and build our products. We want to make our range even better and larger. For this purpose we have recently expanded our design depart-ment and we will introduce further additions to the product range later this year.”

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