Kemroc getting bigger on all levels

Published 24/11, 2021 at 16:37

Kemroc has launched a major product offensive in 2020 through expanding its range of milling machines and cutter wheels for excavators and backhoe loaders. The company is also expanding premises to allow more space for warehousing, production, administration and design to further provide service to customers around the world.

Kemroc attachments provide solutions to problematic tasks found in road building, trenching, civil engineering, demolition and concrete renovation, tunnelling, mining, drilling and flat surface cleaning applications. With decades of experience in rock cutting technology, the company provides a comprehensive package of products, technical advice and service. Based firmly on the global success of its products, Kemroc is expanding its portfolio. Company founder Klaus Ertmer explains, “Thanks to the high performance, flexibility and reliability of our attachments, our products have already proven themselves on all continents. We have improved our well established range of chain cutters, cutter wheels and diamond saws by increasing the number of models in each range.”

The product range is now made up of 17 product groups including milling cutters, cutter wheels and saws as well as a wide range of consumables. The patented range of ‘EK’ chain cutters have a cutter chain running between outer cutter drums and are ideally suited for trenching. With the addition of the new EK 220 (220kW), chain cutters are now available for excavators with operating weights from 1.5t to 70t. This concept was extended with the introduction of the ‘EKT’ range of lower cost milling cutters that can be converted to chain cutters at a later date. 

Kemroc’s ‘KR’ range of drum cutters is for excavators from 1t to 125t. In 2020, this concept was extended to include the ‘KRD’ range of direct drive drum cutters for use on carriers from 0.5t to 50t and now offers the new ‘KRX’ range of attachments for excavators from 5t to 50t. These attachments can be used as a lengthways drum cutter or as a rotary head for drilling applications. Since 2021, the range also includes the ‘KRM’ range of rotation modules with stepless, endless rotation for 2t to 70t excavators. For sawing applications, the ‘KDS’ range of diamond saws has been expanded to include the powerful KDS 50 HD. Before the end of 2021, the ‘KTR’ range of trenchers will be extended whilst ‘KSI’ injection attachments are a core component of the Schökem soil consolidation process. 


Lots of advice, lots of service

Kemroc customers benefit from many years of experience and knowledge that the company has gained from working on many project applications around the world. As Klaus Ertmer explained, “At Kemroc, providing good technical advice is considered to be very important, we want to be sure that the products deliver the levels of performance, cost savings and benefits expected by the customer. Customers should benefit from the technical support available from our application specialists based on their specific project requirements. Technical support is one part of our comprehensive package provided to customers worldwide. In the last couple of years Kemroc has grown from being a manufacturer of specialised excavator attachments to being a well-stocked supplier of a large range of excavator attachments. Together with customers, we want to continue developing our machines into the future.”

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