Kinshofer acquires Trevi Benne

Published 4/7 at 08:19

German company Kinshofer GmbH and the in Italy based company Trevi Benne S.p.A. have announced that they have signed a definite agreement to merge. Under the terms of the agreement, Kinshofer has acquired a majority shareholding of Trevi Benne.

For over 50 years, Kinshofer has been one of the leading manufacturers of tools for truck mounted cranes, excavators and skid steer loaders, consistently developing its product range in both the crane and excavator markets to become a competent and reliable partner for OEM’s and OED’s. Previous acquisitions of Liftall Inc. (Canada), Demarec B.V. (Holland), RF System AB (Sweden), Auger Torque Group (U.K./Australia/ China), Solesbee´s LLC (U.S.A.), the Doherty Group (New Zealand/ Australia), Hammer Srl. (Italy) and Cangini Benne Srl. (Italy) were other important milestones of this development.

The acquisition of Trevi Benne is significant for Kinshofer in three ways: firstly it strengthens Kinshofer’s portfolio of demolition tools; secondly it adds additional product segments to Kinshofer’s already highly comprehensive offering; and thirdly, it improves Kinshofer’s distribution channels in markets Trevi Benne is very strong. That is not all as Kinshofer has now further enhanced local manufacturing in Italy, with its Noventa Vicentina based vertically integrated and highly advanced manufacturing facilities enabling customers to be served much quicker and with access to a much larger product range. With this move, Kinshofer further demonstrates its commitment to being a global leader in attachments to the crane and excavator industry.

Trevi Benne, was established in 1992 as a family business, is focused on the development and marketing of demolition and scrap processing tools for excavators to make carriers more productive and long lasting. Trevi Benne’s industry success is based on Mr. Luca Vaccaro’s and his team’s 30 years of knowledge. With an extremely committed and well educated workforce, Trevi Benne will continue to develop and sell its products globally. In order to meet the current market requirements, Trevi Benne and Kinshofer will recruit more staff to ensure a swift and professional market launch of the companies’ products within either sales organisation.

Thomas Friedrich, president and CEO of Kinshofer Group, said: “Kinshofer continues its strategy to provide the industry with a ‘one stop shop’ solution of outstandingly engineered products to increase efficiency and, more importantly, profitability for its customers. The acquisition of Trevi Benne was the next step in our approach to be a global industry leader with solid local presence.”

Luca Vaccaro will remain co-owner and CEO of Trevi Benne. He commented: “The concentration of knowledge and competence, particularly in the demolition sector, will form a powerful centre for future developments customers can only benefit from. The combination of both product ranges will create more ground breaking innovations for the industry. The whole Trevi Benne team, which will stay on in its entirety, is very excited to be part of this mutual future.”

Kinshofer’s and Trevi Benne´s employees are working on the rapid integration to provide customers worldwide with their comprehensive range of products and services. Kinshofer Group is part of Lifco Group to which the demolition robot manufacturer Brokk and hydrodemolition equipment manufacturer Aquajet Systems also belongs.

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