Klingspor proud member of the VDBUM Haiger

Published 30/6 at 14:31

Klingspor has been involved in developing and manufacturing high quality diamond tools since 2015.

Today, they are increasingly used in construction industry as users trust their high quality diamond cutting discs that are made in Europe. In order to further expand this success within the construction industry and to participate in the exchange of experiences within the association network, Klingspor has become a member of the Association of the Construction Industry, Environment and Machine Technology e. V., VDBUM for short. 

“The work of the association has always been very important to Klingspor,” says Dirk Köpsel, head of sales, Western Europe. “In the past, we have benefited a lot from membership in various associations. This allows us to learn a great deal from each other, because the exchange among one another often leads to new food for thought. Last but not least, the other association members will also benefit from our wealth of experience in the field of high speed cutting discs and the safety in their use. As a founding member of the ‘Organisation for the safety of abrasives (abbreviated to oSa)’, we can report a lot on compliance with important safety standards. In addition, a strong association helps to gain a foothold in an industry and to establish important contacts. With the VDBUM we have joined an association that can look back on 40 years of experience and will be an important partner in many respects.”

VDBUM itself is a professional interest group that represents its members in industry related matters and provides a forum for construction professionals. The membership includes both users and manufacturers of construction machinery as well as their sales and service partners. The association provides a knowledge, information and contact exchange that enables a targeted exchange of experiences. The guiding principle of the association is to represent interests, promote ideas and connect people.   

Klingspor has been involved in grinding technology worldwide for over 125 years. The company's factories manufacture over 50,000 products for a wide variety of grinding applications  including pads, cutting discs, grinding discs, grinding mop plates, grinding mop wheels and diamond tools. The 36 manufacturing and sales locations cover the world and with a total of over 2,800 employees enable flexible adaptation to the needs of regional markets. Worldwide consultancy services are provided by more than 460 sales representatives, engineers and highly qualified technicians.  

Klingspor diamond tools are developed at the company’s headquarters in Haiger, Germany and are manufactured in the Ukraine in compliance with the highest quality standards. In 2019, Klingspor exhibited for the first time at the bauma in Munich, reporting high levels of interest.


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