Klingspor’s comprehensive and price competitive product line

Published 18/12, 2017 at 15:35

The previous issue of PDi featured Klingspor and its production facility in Velyki Mosty, Ukraine. This is a continuation of their diamond tool production.

The organisation of the Velyki Mosty plant pursues the principles that guide the diamond disc production sites. Each phase is optimised in accordance with the local environment and partial automation can be preferred over full automation, due to the cost of Ukrainian labour. At the same time the process involves state-of-the-art production machines to manufacture high performance cutting blades at competitive prices. There is constant concern for the total safety of the finished product and production is executed in an environment that is comfortable for personnel. The diamond cutting blades are shipped to the Klingspor head office in Germany twice a week, where a new logistics platform was opened in 2016. A small portion is directed to Poland and some reserved for the domestic Ukrainian market.


Three tier product line

The Klingspor product line extends from 100mm to 500mm diameter with three quality levels, which are, in ascending order, the 300 Extra, the 600 Supra, and the 900 Special. The product line is organised in different series that are identified by colour coding. Asphalt (black), tiling (green), refractory bricks (blue), concrete (red) and universal (white). It essentially covers most requirements, even though it still lacks specialities, such as blades for mixed asphalt / concrete, which will be available in the near future.

Designed in Klingspor's research and development laboratory are the different compositions, binder blends and diamonds and geometries specific to the brand. "There is no modelling, but rather the expertise which the brand was endowed when we accepted the challenge of diamond and experimentation," said Klingspor senior diamond production executive Wolf-Dietrich Pflaumbaum. “The DT 600 U universal cutting blade is an example. We want to be superior to other brands, like with this cutting blade this is the optimum of what a customer can expect due to its characteristics, service life and cutting speed". 

This quest for quality is directly linked to the brand's determination to establish itself in the inter- national market of premium diamond cutting blades. Thus Klingspor's approach, oSa certified, is to offer only high quality, laser-welded diamond cutting blades at competitive prices.

“We are positioning ourselves just below the market price of the major players with a proven superior quality,” said Pflaumbaum.  “Moreover, manufactured in Europe, this product line is differentiated from the numerous Asian products that are marketed on our continent, in particular through the advantage of product availability that is much more efficient.”


Marketing support

In parallel, Klingspor provides the required commercial support, with technical consulting and training, accompanied tours, participation events and open houses, telemarketing, implementation of personalised promotions with a mix of abrasives and diamonds, or promotions specifically devoted to diamonds. Klingspor also has effective marketing in which diamonds will be totally integrated from now on. Thus the brand is developing self-service presentations profiled with the distributor main building diamond signage that presents the 20/80 of the product line and enables immediate commencement with the brand and requires minimum space in the store.



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