Komatsu Europe announces the new ‘SubMonitor’ for wheel

Published 6/3 at 10:57

The SubMonitor is a new Komatsu platform designed for intuitive assistance systems for maximum efficiency and safety while loading.

Komatsu states that its customers have stated that to meet their continual challenges and ever increasing operational complexity, they need solutions that deliver safety, real time information, machine monitoring, driver assistance, production monitoring, efficiency optimisation, future proofing and be easy to use for the driver without causing distraction. The company used this feedback to develop and introduce the Komatsu SubMonitor for wheel loaders which meets these requirements in one intuitive easy to use touchscreen interface.

Focusing on simplified operation by merging many features into one device, the SubMonitor creates a new interface for the operator to interact with the machine’s assist systems. These include an extended ‘Load-Pilot’, a new rear view supervision system with high definition camera and rear radar obstacle detection, as well as a new, performance boosting ‘Efficiency Trainer’ module. The ergonomic touchscreen provides easy, intuitive operation, reducing confusion and work interruptions versus the multitude of separate sub systems that are all too common today. The Komatsu SubMonitor is said to be the basis for a new era of machine features that deliver unrivalled control, comfort, and safety.


Extended Load-Pilot

The proven Komatsu Load-Pilot weighing system has been updated in terms of functionality and controllability. Since all important elements are displayed on the monitor, adjustment can be easily made on the screen with just a few clicks, without having to dive into the machine menu. The tidy arrangement of all functions is self-explanatory. Accurate and fast weighing results through the improved auto weighing function, material definition at will and productivity and efficiency display for different materials enable smooth operation.


Efficiency Trainer

This is a new feature that improves driver's skills during actual work to increase performance and increase efficiency. Based on a new algorithm, the system learns itself for each loading cycle. The reference is set by the operator taking into account different operating conditions not specified by the machine on the basis of fixed data. The evaluation is based on several machine data inputs which are evaluated with the help of a point system. As the charging performance improves, the reference is raised. If the charging performance decreases, the deficits are displayed based on criteria and improvements are suggested.


Rear view supervision

Wheel loaders must reverse for each loading cycle. Since there is no direct view from the cabin, the rear area surveillance is one of the most elementary safety systems. The new digital camera system, combined with radar obstacle detection, is designed to provide an overview of the situation behind the machine. The SubMonitor's high resolution screen displays the image crisply and clearly, and radar obstacle detection provides the operator with audible and visual warnings of hazards behind the machine. The SubMonitor is optionally available as equipment for the wheel loader models WA380-WA500-8.

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