Komatsu PC2000-11

Published 8/7, 2021 at 18:11

Komatsu Europe has announced the introduction of its new PC2000-11 hydraulic excavator. Equipped with an EU Stage V certified engine, the PC2000-11 has more horsepower and a new engine pump control for faster cycle times and improved multifunctional performance.

Tipping the scales at 202t, the new super heavyweight boasts new engine pump control logic that optimises hydraulic flow to deliver even faster cycle times. The PC2000-11 is ideal to load 60t to 150t rigid frame haul trucks and is an excellent tool for stripping overburden, loading coal and loading shot rock. It has a simplified power module (cooling package, engine, PTO, and hydraulic pumps) that provides excellent accessibility to major components, low noise levels in the cab, and reduces labour hours when it comes time for planned overhaul.

Gregory Peeters, Komatsu Europe product manager says: “Engage the new ‘Power Plus’ work mode and productivity levels are off the scale. To cope with this extraordinary power, the frames, boom, arm, and undercarriage are all strengthened to ensure maximum uptime in even the most extreme applications.”

The PC2000-11 also benefits from a new mining class ergonomic cabin that offers a safe, comfortable, connected driving experience.

Safety is Komatsu’s number one priority, with the PC2000-11 having a hydraulically activated access/egress ladder, external emergency shutdown switches, and ‘Komatsu neutral detect’ all as standard. ‘KomVision’, Komatsu’s machine monitoring system also comes standard. To increase operator awareness of haul trucks and light vehicles entering and leaving the working area, a seven camera system provides a full 360o bird’s eye view of the working area on a dedicated touch screen monitor. Proven Komatsu after treatment systems allow the PC2000-11 to meet stringent EU Stage V emissions regulations without the need for Adblue. Additionally, the new excavator comes with the ‘Komtrax Step5’, ‘Komtrax Plus’ and Komatsu’s ‘Care’ support package for further levels of customer value.

The PC2000-11 has been designed to provide improved multifunction performance, with what the company claims is a productivity increase of up to 12%, and can therefore load more trucks per shift. The redesigned hydraulic system monitors work equipment loads and optimises hydraulic flow based on operating conditions. The PC2000-11 is equipped with selectable working modes to tailor machine performance to application requirements, including the all new Power Plus mode. Increased engine power and new engine pump control logic give the PC2000-11 faster cycle times. Customers can further expect extended component life on the PC2000-11 thanks to thicker, stronger boom plates and castings; strengthened track and centre frames; larger diameter carrier rollers and improved hydraulic cylinder seals. The new seals on work equipment cylinders enable the PC2000-11 to withstand the most abrasive applications.

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