Lehnhoff's SQ80 fully hydraulic quickcoupler pay off

Published 6/3, 2023 at 10:03

Quickcouplers have become indispensable on modern construction sites, transforming every excavator into a Swiss army knife. The fully hydraulic SQ quickcouplers from Lehnhoff go one step further. They combine flexible use with a great performance.

For its excavator fleet, the construction company Van Loo Projects from Westmeerbeek invested in SQ80 quick couplers from the Belgian Lehnhoff dealer Steven Van Roy Bv. After all, the company, which is active in earthworks, road construction and, above all, demolition, relies above all on quality and efficiency in its work. Van Loo had its excavators uniformly equipped to the SQ80 size. Both on the CAT335 with short arm and on the CAT395 high-reach excavator. This means that all attachments can be used with each other.

With the SQ system, the demolition specialists of Van Loo Projects quickly switch between concrete shears and sorting grabs, as well as all hydraulic attachments and buckets, without leaving the cabin. In this way, the demolition of old buildings progresses without long interruptions, no matter which tool is needed at the moment.


Symmetry makes the difference

Based on the open S industry standard, the Lehnhoff SQ quick couplers are completely symmetrical. The pick-up shafts, including the valve block, can be rotated by 180°. This means that even swing buckets and crusher buckets can be picked up in high bucket mode and operated hydraulically.

This flexibility is by no means at the expense of performance. With up to 550 litres per minute, the SQ quick couplers from Lehnhoff offer the highest oil flow of all symmetrical couplers available. Even their hydraulic hammer can be operated by the demolition specialists from Van Loo Projects with the lowest pressure loss.


Particularly low maintenance

Customers who have opted for Lehnhoff SQ quick couplers are particularly impressed by the ease of maintenance. "The pressureless unit in the valve block alone reduces the installation effort enormously," explains David Bodvin, Sales Manager at Steven Van Roy. If necessary, either the O-rings or the entire short-stroke valves installed in the valve block can be replaced in a few minutes. With the special tool, this can be done directly on site. "This is really practical and prevents the excavator from breaking down completely that day," confirms David Bodvin.


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