Leili Tools Co: a ‘force of thunder’ in diamond wires

Published 7/3 at 17:22

According to recent surveys, China invests more in new technologies than any other country in the world. Having been a global manufacturing hub for decades now, there is virtually nothing that the Celestial Empire cannot produce. Based in the province of Heibei in Northern China, Leili Tools Co is a diamond wire specialist that promises to become a major international player in the concrete sawing industry. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

Oriental nations have a wonderful tradition of giving eloquent and meaningful names to both human beings and things. When back in 2009 Mi Zhongliang and Liang Haiwang were searching for a name for their newly founded company, they wanted it to convey the notions of power and speed. After a brainstorming session, the founders settled on the word ‘leili’, meaning ‘a force of thunder’ in Chinese. As will be evident from the story below, the name has proved quite prophetic. 


Bricks in the ‘Chinese wall of accomplishments’

Leili Tools started out as a small (by Chinese standards) manufacturing enterprise with a staff of 20. From the very beginning, the company decided to focus on diamond wires as the most complex and technology intensive type of diamond consumables. In its formative years Leili Tools developed at a breakneck pace, and already by 2015 it gained a market share of 10%, a whopping number for a country as huge as China. Also that year Leili Tools had an international breakthrough, having started to supply diamond wires to neighbouring Southeast Asian countries. In 2016 Leili Tools added wire saws to the product range, thus further consolidating its position as a one stop supplier of wire sawing solutions. 2017 saw the Chinese company doubling its domestic market share and strengthening its presence in Asia, Russia, Middle East and Africa. On the back of growing demand, and following an increase in production output (which is expected to reach 500,000m this year), the manufacturer embarked on a facility expansion project, with completion projected for 2019. 


Diamond wires galore 

Having prioritised diamond wires as its core specialty, Leili Tools has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field. The current production capacity averages at 55,000m per month, with wires for construction applications accounting for some 60% of the total output. The manufacturer’s signature models include vacuum brazed and sintered types for cutting heavily reinforced concrete and straight metal. Featuring 40 to 48 beads per/m, synthetic rubber spacers and metal springs, the wires ensure high performance and reliable operation throughout the entire life cycle. Products for stone extraction - diamond wires and electric wire saws – are the second pillar of Leili Tools’ business. As far as the quarry industry is concerned, India, Australia and Russia top the list of Leili’s biggest markets. Now the Chinese company is also eyeing such South American countries as Brazil and Argentina for further expansion.  


Domestic market secured, global one beckons  

The notion of being a reliable partner to its customers is the cornerstone of Leili Tools’ business philosophy. Consistently high quality products, prompt delivery and efficient after sales support are the criteria that the Chinese company strives to meet in day to day operations. An undisputable market leader in its home country, particularly in the construction segment, Leili Tools is still a rookie internationally. This rookie, however, is full of drive and creative ideas supported by ten years-worth of manufacturing experience. Leili’s immediate goals involve penetrating the US and Japanese construction markets, and as such, the Chinese manufacturer has added World of Concrete to its roster of trade shows it traditionally exhibits at. Among those already on the list are bauma Germany, the ‘Big Five Dubai’ and CTT in Moscow.  Apart from these international events, Leili Tools is going to participate at a number of local exhibitions in Southeast Asia and Brazil next year. Diversification in the wall saw blade segment is also in the company's short term plans which will see in 2019 the first Leili blades for wall sawing applications which will be launched onto the market.   


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