Liebherr USA, Co. headquarters opens at expanded campus

Published 29/6 at 13:05

Liebherr USA, Co. has formally moved in to a newly expanded campus located in Newport News, VA which houses around 500 office and support staff.

The move, conducted with enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures in place to ensure the health and safety of the employees, contractors, and the local community, caps a journey that began in July 2018, when members of the Liebherr family, company executives and Newport News city officials broke ground for the project. “Besides moving into a new facility which is a highlight for our employees who contribute immensely to our success in the US, what stands out for me the most, is the message that this €53.5M investment sends to our customers,” said Dr Torben Reher, managing director, Liebherr USA, Co. “Apart from investing in research and design for cutting edge technology, we have a long term focus while looking at our business and the relationships with our customers. Thus, we want to grow together and our new site is the evidence for this approach.”

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