Lindner’s latest generation of shredders

Published 4/7, 2022 at 09:12

Lindner’s new ‘Urraco 4000’ model series is available with a diesel or energy efficient electric drive and ease of access to the maintenance and drive compartment. In addition to its many mobile versions, it offers universal application options, such as bulky waste, C&I, C&D, and light scrap.

With its 2,000mm shaft length, the Urraco 4000 series offers a mid-point between the Urraco 75 and Urraco 95 shredder series. Its highlights include an optional energy efficient ‘E-drive’ with ‘Powerlock’ quick connectors; mobility options such as a base frame, tracked chassis, or semi-trailer, and maintenance simplifications, including the shaft fast exchange system (FX).

The E-models of the Urraco 4000 series are designed to be not only the answer to demands made by the EU, but also from the waste and recycling industry worldwide for CO₂ friendly mobile shredding solutions. The two E-models offer either a base frame (Urraco 4000) or a tracked chassis (Urraco 4000 EK). During the development stages, two things were designated as vital: energy efficiency and high performance. Moreover, it is simple to connect the machines to the mains via Powerlock quick connectors.

The Urraco 4000 EK model features a built in self-sufficient power unit. In the realm of waste wood processing, the additional use of the ‘Zeta Star 4000 E’ screen, also electrically operated, ensures optimal grain sizes at all times, according to Lindner. The extended working area, which is created by the combination of shaft length and axle spacing, is designed to allow problem free filling by a wheel loader.  The optimised intake capacity, combined with the patented twin shaft cutting system, also enables shredding of bulky and large volume materials.

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