Mantovanibenne’s SH700R ‘Eagle II’ shear helps demolish German power plant

Published 10/5, 2021 at 13:38

Fitted to a 300t excavator, a 230t shear has been used to help demolish parts of a German power plant that had become uneconomical to operate.

Lünen is the largest city in the Unna district of western Westphalia in Germany and is the location of the Hagedorn Group power plant. This was part of the Rhein-Ruhr municipal services consortium between 1938 and 1941 used for the supply of a nearby STEAG aluminium plant. In 1968, the power plant added a 250m tall chimney which was the tallest structure of its type in Europe at the time. In March 2019, the plant’s increasingly difficult economic sustainability led STEAG to ask the Federal Network Agency permission to close the plant’s units 6 and 7. 

Kiesel GmbH, the company appointed to carry out this important demolition, began dismantling the facility in June 2020. The first phases were carried out using explosives, starting with the flue gas desulfurization system, followed during the first months of 2021 by the electrostatic precipitators, the combustion gas denitrification system, and the cooling tower and chimney. After the initial demolition with explosives, necessary to deconstruct the imposing protections of the plant, the project team proceeded with a more precise and silent controlled demolition.

For the building that housed the electrostatic precipitator, mainly made of iron, a Mantovanibenne SH700R Eagle II demolition shear was chosen to cut and demolish the internal iron and steel structure. Designed specifically to deal with iron structures and the demolition and future recycling of steel and derivatives, the SH700R was seen as ideal for tackling the imposing iron structure that covers the plant. The 230t shear was mounted on the largest demolition excavator in Germany, the 300t KMC1600S, which is the result of collaboration between Hagedorn and Kiesel that requires eight transport vehicles to move it. The SH700R itself is just one of the dozens of shear models in MBI’s Eagle shears line dedicated to iron recycling and demolition.

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