Maximum safety in quarries

Published 27/12, 2019 at 19:22

In the Lázaro Echeverría quarry in Spain, a stabilisation operation was initiated on one of the fronts following consultations with Epiroc.

This saw an ERC 2000 drum cutter being used mounted on an excavator to mill some sections in order to stabilise them.  The management of the quarry have been so impressed by the efficiency of the ERC 2000 that it was decided to use it for other tasks including front profiling, finishing off access tracks and so forth. Veman S.L., Epiroc's distribution partner, will continue to provide customer service, maintenance and act as a strategic supplier to Lázaro Echeverría SA. 

With models suitable for carrier machines up to 70t in weight, ERC transverse milling machines are a productive choice for profiling surfaces, rock walls or concrete walls, as well as for demolition and excavation of soft rock and frozen soils. All the milling machines in the range are equipped with integrated 360° hydraulic rotation for optimum precision and good handling, enabling maximum productivity in demanding applications.

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