MB Crusher drum cutter helps to extend Bordeaux tramway system

Published 29/6 at 16:44

Presently, the Bordeaux Mérignac Airport is the hub of a large scale project which will see the creation of new infrastructure, new buildings, a ‘park and ride’ facility with a capacity of 250 places, the creation of four to five new stations, and the arrival of a tramway.

Today the airport is only reachable by car, shuttle or local buses, but in order to facilitate access for both travellers and airport staff, while reducing road traffic, an extension of Line A is required to be constructed with minimal impact. 

To satisfy project requirements, the French contractor chose an MB Crusher MB-R700 twin header to trace the route of the new tram. The MB-R700 hydraulic cutter installed on a Liebherr 914 excavator made it possible to limit vibrations, with its design further reducing any noise pollution.  The  cutter performed with exceptional precision in the grinding process, meaning that the flow of traffic continued undisturbed. Furthermore, any milled material could be used for filling, eliminating the haulage of any waste from site, with a substantial reduction in costs for the contractor. As the tramline is an environmentally friendly choice that will also ease the flow of traffic all the way to the airport terminal, it made sense to use an eco-friendly option by reusing the material available at the site thereby reducing drastically the number of trucks in the city centre. 

The MB Crusher grinder head has proved to be essential to the project:  it uses a direct drive twin motor system that permits the milling of any material whilst achieving high production rates. Additionally its ‘power boost’ gives instantly more energy to the grinding head when more power is required. The MB-R700 is suitable for any brand of excavator from the 6t to 13t. 

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