MB Crusher in the Caribbean

Published 15/11, 2017 at 17:35

On the small Caribbean island of Nevis, an MB Crusher crusher bucket and screening bucket are at work on a redevelopment project with a special focus on respect for nature and history.

The scheme involves the refurbishing of the old colonial buildings, such as the distillery and church and the construction of new buildings and the rehabilitation of the natural landscape. 

Installed on a Caterpillar 320L excavator, the MB-S18 screening bucket is used to separate soil from leaves and brushwood. The processed material is then re-used on the spot for the rehabilitation of the green areas. The works also include the cleaning of the surrounding forest, with the salvaging of trees and restoration of the natural elements.

The BF90.3 crusher bucket is used for crushing the local Nevis stone, a type of very hard granite. After crushing, the rock is re-used to fill the excavated areas created for the construction of the buildings, and to make the foundations for the new local road network.

The use of MB Crusher equipment proves to be an economic and ecological advantage. It leads to a reduction in the movement of vehicles, the use of fuel and harmful emissions, while protecting the environment.

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