MB exhibits recycling products at Ecomondo

Published 23/11, 2018 at 16:46

Ecomondo is an exhibition focusing on products and services for the ‘green economy’. Due to the focus of the show, MB Crusher exhibited its Triple R System, which reduces, reuses and recycles inert material directly at construction sites.

The company also showed other recycling equipment such as its crusher and screening buckets for excavators from 2.6t to over 70t; crusher and screener buckets for skid steers and backhoe loaders from 2.8t to over 6t, and rotary handling grapples for excavators from 6t to 25t.

The MB crushers, screeners and grapples are all attached directly to an excavator/loader, and work using the base machines’ hydraulic supply, with the bucket transforming the materials into different sizes. If necessary a magnetic separator can be installed directly on the bucket to separate inert material from any metal encountered, with a nebulizer reducing airborne dust particles. Both are operated directly from the cab of the excavator/loader. Through the use of a MB screening bucket, the material is cleaned, ready to be reused, with MB products being designed to work in closed environments (for example inside warehouses and galleries) and in urban centres.

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