MB says rebar ‘no longer a problem’

Published 24/11 at 16:38

There’s always been a weak point in the demolition and redevelopment industry when it comes to processing reinforced materials. When it comes to recovering reinforced material, rebar, companies have been forced to come to terms with the limitations of the machines they own.

MB believes its customers suffer from a common problem, namely that costs and downtime soar when it comes to reinforced materials.  Major problems arise from the rebar when it is processed by machinery as it can cut the conveyor belt, causing downtime. A solution is achieved using a MB jaw crusher bucket mounted on a carrier machine to crush the reinforced material down to the desired output size. The rebar simply comes out along with the crushed material. The rebar is then separated from the aggregates using a 24V iron separator, a device that’s installed on MB’s unit and operated directly from the excavator cab. 

An MB customer located in southern Brescia in northern Italy commented that after trying every way to process gratings with a track mounted crusher on site it finally introduced a MB BF90.3 crusher bucket into its fleet. No problems arose processing the metal, and therefore experienced no downtime that would have slowed down the job. A French customer needed to demolish a building to create a new residential complex with 26 units. In this case, using an MB BF90.3 crusher bucket installed on a Liebherr 924 excavator, made it possible to crush all of the reinforced material, separating it from the rebar and reusing the new aggregates for the site’s foundation. The customer was pleased with the economic and environmental benefits that speeded up the job.

MB Crusher’s range of crusher buckets represents a decisive, quick, and economical way to process reinforced materials directly on site. Reinforced concrete, sleepers, light poles and gratings are examples several companies have processed using MB Crusher units.

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