Mecalac adds to rail offering

Published 23/11 at 15:22

Mecalac has positioned itself as a major player in the field of railway works with the launch of its brand new range, the ‘MRail-Series’. This consists of four models: two rail road excavators on tracks, the 106MRail and the 136MRail (from 10t to 13tons) and two on wheels, the 156MRail and the 216MRail (from 15t to 21t).

Mecalac’s new range of rail road excavators, the MRail-Series, is the result of the company’s work with rail partners for over many years leading to the acquisition of expertise in a highly specialised and very demanding segment. The company has established a new division dedicated to the rail business, from research and development to product and sales support. This gives the manufacturer the means to target and meet efficiently the specific needs of this market, while benefiting from a solid industrial organisation.

The 106MRail and 136MRail tracked excavators build on the ‘MCR’ concept where the fusion of a compact loader and an excavator brings the speed and productivity of a loader to the 360° rotation of an excavator. They are designed to be the ultimate utility machine for the majority of service and maintenance works. They are also ideal for tunnels or in tight areas. The 106MRail is the smallest machine in the series and features a two piece boom with offset as standard and is extremely compact. The 136MRail provides even higher performance to increase overall productivity on national rail networks. Equipped with extensive safety features, it can be fitted with a pneumatic system for rail trailers and rail car brakes.

The 156MRail and 216MRail wheeled excavators are based on the ‘MWR’ concept, providing solutions for all types of tracks and a high degree of freedom of movement. The 156MRail is designed for urban networks, subways and private tracks. It is a medium sized machine that meets the requirements for rail applications without the costly and complex systems linked to regulations. The 216MRail is designed for tough jobs with high levels of manoeuvrability, agility and compactness. It is compatible with the EN15746 regulation and has all the necessary safety features and the pneumatic system for trailers.

The new range of rail road excavators combines high performance and agility for freedom of movement in the highly constrained areas of the rail industry, with the patented boom design providing weight distribution for balance and force.

Full 360° direct visibility is a major safety benefit for both the operator and the people on site with all features making the MRail-Series ideal for rail use throughout the world. Mecalac will display these new models at the IAF international trade fair in Münster, Germany, from 31 May to 2 June 2022.

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